Injured Farmers

So last evening Tom cut his right middle finger badly. He was cooking dinner but went out to shut the garage door. The door came off the track. He was trying to get it back on the track when it fell. There was a nail sticking out the door and it sliced his finger.

He came in the house bleeding pretty good. I rinsed it with distilled water. I observed that it was quite deep and gaping. Since it was bleeding briskly I wrapped toilet paper on it and taped it to slow the bleeding. I took dinner out of the oven, turned it off, and we headed out to the hospital.

I had worked the night before and was extremely tired. But I drove since he was in pain and bleeding. He got 4 stitches, and the doctor agreed it was deep. But there was no apparent tendon, nerve or artery damage. Then we returned home and ate a very late dinner.

This morning I woke up to this:

I went out to do the animal chores by myself as it was not a good idea for Tom to be around mud and poop with his wound. First thing I found this:

Then I noticed Olivia wasn’t bearing weight well on her left rear leg. Fortunately the farrier was already coming out to trim the donkeys’ hooves. She opened up the abscess on that foot, and it should start improving.

Tom was able to press the last of his apples for cider. He wore a glove on that hand, and he was able to keep it dry.

While I was doing the chores I tripped and fell hard. I immediately noticed worsening lower back pain. My low back was already hurting after slogging through the deep mud when we moved the pigs. Now it hurts to stand, walk or bend. I was going to help Tom press our quince for my quince perry. Kindly Tom helped me finish the critter chores and pressed the quince for me. I went in the house and put ice on my back. Just now Tom got his tetanus shot from our family doctor, and we are heading to our chiropractor’s office. Good times!

Here is a nice photo that Tom took of Steve when he took him out to the back forty. I had planned on doing that but couldn’t after my fall. Tom kindly took him out instead.

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12 Responses to Injured Farmers

  1. Washe Koda says:

    I hope everything gets better for you 😉

  2. Well it’s a good thing there are TWO of you! Reminds me of when Brian was a baby and my back went out. I couldn’t even lift him to nurse; Rick had to do it for me. Then Rick tripped and fell out of the back of our pick-up and landed on his head, although he reached out to break his fall and broke his wrist. Not much help lifting the baby for me after that! Somehow we muddled through; I hope you guys can, too.

  3. Amy says:

    When it rains it pours at the Schoonover Farm! I Hope everyone feels stronger tomorrow!

  4. Jeanne says:

    Donna, I’m really sorry that you were both injured! It all sounds pretty serious. And I imagine both Tom’s finger and your back have been very painful. Was the chiropractor able to help? Take good care of each other!

  5. FullyFleeced says:

    dag. sorry to hear about the injuries. that sure does make it challenging to keep up with all the farm activities. hoping you are both on the mend soon-

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