Cats and Chicken

This is a photo I took of our cat Izzy on my computer chair on Friday.

This morning, though, we took both of our cats into the veterinarian for check ups. They were not happy. Chloe ended up peeing all over herself in the blue carrier.

They both had shots, and Chloe had blood drawn. After we got safely home, one of them peed on the kitchen floor in revenge. Not sure which one though.

This evening I made Chicken with Quince and Almonds. I made this partially because we still have quince to find used for, and we have our butchered chickens in the freezer. I had the other ingredients, and this recipe had great reviews so I went for it.

Here it is in preparation with the browned chicken parts over cut up quince on the left, toasted sliced almonds on the top, and fried onions on the right.

Here is the chicken all cooked up.

I reduced the liquid into a sauce, and here is the chicken with the overlying sauce and toasted almonds with a roasted sweet potato on the side.

This was incredibly tasty. Definitely a good use for quince and a nice autumn dinner. This meal is meant for Rose Hashanah but this year that was on September 18, well before our quince our ripe. So this will need to be a later autumn recipe for us but definitely a keeper!

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4 Responses to Cats and Chicken

  1. Jeanne says:

    Your dinner sounds good – Except that I’ve never tasted quince. 😀

  2. Michelle says:

    Now I need a roasted yam!

    • Donna says:

      They are really good! One issue with grocery pick up is you can’t always control the size of the fresh vegetables. Sometimes I get small things and sometimes big. The yams were huge!!! That plate had 1/2 of a roasted yam.

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