December Morning Birds

These are a couple of turkey vultures that were watching over the farm the other morning.

And here are the pea “chicks”.  They are as tall as their adoptive mother now.

I am learning the hard way how much Tom does on the farm. I normally do my share of the cleaning, cooking and chores, but he has been doing the more physical labor here. But since he hurt his knee, now I am doing nearly everything. This includes moving 50# bags of feed into the feed shed, moving 5 gallon container of drinking water, moving the 40# wood pellets bags, taking out the garbage and moving firewood. Of course he had already found, cut and split this firewood so my contribution is minimal in comparison. But I am completely exhausted. Plus I am working long shifts at the hospital. I am really hoping his knee gets better.

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4 Responses to December Morning Birds

  1. kapperkay says:

    The next time I feel like I’ve put in a long day’s work, I will think of your post! Your efforts certainly show though – your farm is really beautiful. On a side note, I had no idea we had turkey vultures here! I see them quite often when we visit Baja but have never seen them here.

    • Donna says:

      We have seen them quite a bit here. If you search vulture on my blog you should be able to find an amazing photo of them. I am glad the efforts show. Doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

  2. FullyFleeced says:

    I think I’ve seen some turkey vultures along the Samish river- at first I though they were eagles, but they seem to hold their wings out a ways from their bodies as they sit there. Or maybe that’s as far as they fold up? their wings are huge. Do be careful with all that heavy lifting!

    • Donna says:

      They do like to hold their wings like that. Not sure why. I am trying to be careful. Hard with my breathing problems and palpitations. I have to stop often.

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