Pandemic Christmas Tree and Nog

The Christmas tree selection seemed pretty pathetic this year. Our usual U-cut farm had already shut down for the year. And Tom wasn’t willing or able to cut one of our trees down. So after driving around we found a Christmas tree farm where the trees weren’t quite as pathetic. And I cut down this tree and drug it back to the truck.

It is much smaller than our usual trees, and I knew would not be able to hold all of our ornaments. So I was initially disappointed. But I decorated it with the most important ornaments (especially the older ones) and the tree actually looks really good.

I get a peaceful feeling just looking at it. No one else will see the tree this year, but it is still nice to have in our home.

Traditionally Tom put his Mopar ornaments on teh tree himself. He has not done that yet being slowed up by his knee. But they are waiting for him.

My family’s Christmas Eve will be via zoom this year. But I am still planning on having my grandfather’s egg nog like I have almost every Christmas Eve of my life (non-alcoholic when I was a child). Here is the recipe:

The handwriting on the left is his and on the right is mine with his suggested whiskey. I couldn’t find George Dickel earlier so bought a bottle of Four Roses. They did have a special George Dickel at Compass Wines yesterday after I bought the other, but it was pricey so I am still happy with my choice.

This year though, I will be pasteurizing the eggs. Salmonella is a known trigger for reactive arthritis so I am being extra careful this year. Here is the technique that I will use: link.

So the pandemic Christmas prep continues.

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10 Responses to Pandemic Christmas Tree and Nog

  1. Jeanne says:

    Donna! Your tree looks beautiful! It’ll be fine even though smaller than usual!
    My dad used to make eggnog using raw eggs, of course. Back then they were safe. I’m glad you’re making sure yours will be safe. I usually just buy a quart of a good brand that’s really tasty. I have no desire to make it anymore.
    We’re still using the little flat wood tree that hangs on the wall. The living room isn’t very roomy.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne! Our eggs are probably safe too, but I do not want to take any chances, particularly in 2020! I am glad you have a tree that works for you as well. I hope your family is doing OK.

  2. Washe Koda says:

    Oh egg nog is good how ever mine in 55 yrs has always had a hint of brandy in it 🍷 I wonder if that is the same as pasteurization

    • Donna says:

      Grampa’s recipe has one ounces of rum. I have wondered how that adds anything given the pint of whiskey. But you would think that much alcohol would deter salmonella.

      • Washe Koda says:

        Its ok granma never got run over buy a reindeer ❗️ (dont know not a doctor) ❓ I haven’t Covid yet but I always sip through a straw at home through a mask❗️ haven’t been to a bar in years, never wanted to catch anything ❗️

      • Washe Koda says:

        I don’t know❓ I want FDA approval or I will leave out the ‘egg-nog’ I like brandy but living in the hills of Tennessee the hillbilly shine will kill anything 🧃 the soil on Rocky Top is far to stony to raise raise corn, that’s we all get our corn from a jar❗️

      • Washe Koda says:

        Watch out buying any chickens in the store since the ’80’s if ya don’t have plenty of Charmin ❗️

  3. Washe Koda says:

    I Like the ‘mussel’ car ornaments:) Grandma only hung bulbs, angles, tinsel; & popcorn strings on our tree🎅 I quit celebrating Xmas when the price of a tree rose above $25 for a spruce❗️ yrs ago 😉

  4. Washe Koda says:

    Granma had a homemade styrafoam ball with pins and beads that looked like ‘sputnik’ that always intrigued me 🙂 at least that’s what Grampa called it 60yrs ago

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