Snow, Animals and Mince Pie

It snowed last night and stuck a little. I hadn’t expected it. But this morning the skies cleared, and it was partly sunny. I moved the cows to a fresh field, and they seemed to like it.

The pigs are still enjoying their new space and now the sunshine as well (plus food).

Last night I made the 1591 recipe for a real mince pie.  I used our venison and suet.  Here it is mixed with spices and dried fruits.  

And here is the pie ready to go in the oven.  The crust is not as pretty as the one in the Tudor Christmas special, but I still think it looks festive.  

Here it is cooked.

And here it is on my plate.  

It was tasty. It didn’t taste like modern mincemeat at all. It wasn’t sweet or fruity. It was a mildly spiced meat pie. The crust was tough, but I believe is supposed to be. It brought back some Christmas spirit as I had lost it with the death of Chloe. So this was nice.

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  1. Cottontailfarm says:

    My MIL makes a mincemeat pie from some sort of English bottled mincemeat. I don’t think there is meat in it though? Yours looks interesting and like a nice change.

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