Ryeleigh’s First Day on the Farm


Here are photos from a decent camera.

Izzy is apprehensive.

Outside she has only made it to the front yard of the farm so far. It is a nasty cold day (33 degree rain with wind this morning- the worst IMHO). But we are watching football by the pellet stove on the couch this afternoon with a beagle pup- life is good!

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4 Responses to Ryeleigh’s First Day on the Farm

  1. Jeanne says:

    Yup! I believe you! That’s definitely the good life! And Ryeleigh is so definitely adorable!!

    It was warmer here today than what you had. I think it was 37 when I got up at seven. It started to snow lightly – just tiny flakes – and that only last a couple of hours. I don’t really know how much it rained this afternoon, but it was very cold rain, especially when it hit my head, I could really feel it. My hair isn’t as thick as it used to be!

  2. Sharrie Brockhaus says:

    She would rate high on the “adorability” scale. Enjoy her!

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