The Other Animals

We still have other animals on the farm, in addition to Ryeleigh.  I noticed the other day that the peacock’s feathers are starting to grow in again.  He is hanging in the hay loft nowadays.

Donna, the sheep, was looking at me very intently the other morning.  She is a beautiful animal.

These two hens decided they needed to share a nest box even though there are probably 20 empty ones.

This is my snoopy calendar and its January message.  I thought it fit nicely with the Ryeleigh adventure.

The snow got very close to us the other morning, but we had 33 degree rain instead.

This morning the big white rooster attacked Big Red badly.  It is the second time I have seen this.  And it is probably what happened to Little Man the other day.  So I made the farmer’s decision to put big white rooster on death row and move Little Man and half blind hen out of the nursing home (now death row),  Hopefully they will do well, and we will have a fresh chicken dinner in the near future.  Here are the victims.

And here is the perpetrator.

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2 Responses to The Other Animals

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m glad you didn’t get snow the other day, and hope you don’t get any! It can make driving miserable, as you know. Do you put snow tires on your vehicles for winter driving? We never have, since living here in western OR, just make sure we have good tread on our all-weather tires. We do carry chains when we’ve had to go over the pass in the winter.

    I’m very sorry about the nasty attacks done by the big rooster! I hope the injured ones make a successful healing. That big rooster is really beautiful, though.

    I love the picture of Donna the sheep. She is really beautiful! I wonder what she was thinking!

    • Donna says:

      I am glad it didn’t snow but there is still talk of it. We do not put snow tires on. My car is awful in the snow but Tom’s truck is great so we use that.
      So far the “victims” are doing well.
      I wonder what she was thinking too.

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