Meat Day

So today we picked up the meat from the butcher. The hanging weights were 580# for the cow Bug, 374# for the pig Petunia, and 384# for the pig Porky. We loaded all this meat in the back of the truck and brought it home. I took this photo after we had already unloaded 2 boxes of hamburger.


We separated out half of the meat and put it in our 3 freezers. Then we separated the rest of the meat to go to my mom and stepdad, neighbor and chiropractor. Here is some of the sorted meat.


There is a little bit left, some of which will go to Tom’s son for helping us with the downed trees. We are going to have grilled sirloin tip steaks for dinner. It has been a while. But with the chickens already in our freezer we are set. The only animal protein we will need to be purchasing over the next year is fish.

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2 Responses to Meat Day

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh my! That’s a LOT of meat! It has to be nice to raise your own. I hope your dinner will be really yummy! We’re having pork chops with quinoa and home canned tomatoes. The Instant Pot is really great!

    I assume you’ll be watching the Super Bowl. I doubt we will. Before my husband died, we would watch it. He enjoyed the football, I enjoyed the ads!

    • Donna says:

      It is a lot of meat. I am completely wore out, between getting up early to do the chores early and moving all the meat. Dinner was great. We are going to watch the Super Bowl and root for KC. We have only missed it once when it was New England and the Rams when New Orleans should have gone. I like the ads too but concerned they may not be as good this year. I hope you enjoy your pork chops. Instant Pots are great!!!

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