Superbowl Sunday

I continued to do all of the chores here while Tom heals from his knee surgery.  He is doing well, but I do not think he should be walking on uneven surfaces nor carrying 50# feed bags or 100# hay bales.  So I have been doing it all (with my ankle brace on).  But I also tapped one of our maple trees.  So far it is not making any sap, but it is supposed to start freezing again at night so hopefully the sap will start rising.

I did take the time to notice how pretty the morning was,

and the fog surrounding the trees.

foggy trees

When I was done with chores I had some time so I pulled the spruce branches off of the golden egg plum tree.  They were huge. Now they are on the ground surrounding the poor tree.  At least we will not need to prune it this year.  I hope it survives because I love eating those plums fresh in the summer.  Nothing better.  

Then I took over puppy duty while Tom hung out with his son who had come over to work on his Barracuda.  Steve was playing with his snake with Ryeleigh.  It was adorable.

Then we headed to the vegetable garden for the first time.  She liked it.

She was sniffing around the greenhouse, 

and was digging at something by the door.

I noticed the snow drops blooming as we walked back.

Next up is the Super Bowl.  I am going to make Instant Pot chili with our new ground beef and will root for the Chiefs (as long as there is no tomahawk chopping).  And I plan on knitting during the game.  Sounds like a great evening to me.

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6 Responses to Superbowl Sunday

  1. Steve seems really pleased to have a little playmate; so cute!

  2. The dogs are so cute! They are already such great friends.

  3. Jeanne says:

    I’ve gotten way behind with my three trips to the city for medical appointments this week! The hour long drive one way, gets tiring.

    Love these pictures! I especially like Steve and Ryeleigh playing together. Sooo cute!

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