Supporting Local Restaurants

As we are now in Phase 2, we thought we would support a favorite business and discover one we have been meaning to try for a while.  First was Revival Cocktail Lounge.  I had The Lion’s Tale and Tom had a French 75.  


Then we walked one block to Pyung Chang Korean Restaurant & BBQ.  We ordered take out from the menu.  I asked for Spicy Pork Bul-Gogi and Tom asked for Beef Short Ribs.  Each came 4 kinds of “ban chan”.  The restaurant was completely empty with barbecues installed in the tables.  So next time we will try eating there in person.


I ate my meal from the tray while Tom moved his to a dinner plate.  It was all very good and plentiful.  We will have several meals from this amazing food.  


It felt good to spend some money at these restaurants that have been closed or nearly so for too long.  

Now here are the obligatory Ryeleigh videos.  This time she is meeting a ball for the first time.  So cute!

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6 Responses to Supporting Local Restaurants

  1. I can’t watch Ryeleigh with the sound on or Poppy gets all worked up! Very cute your pup is!

    • Donna says:

      Isn’t she?!? Sorry about Poppy getting worked up though. I was in a zoom spinning group yesterday and one the zoomed dogs was getting excited about Ryeleigh’s sounds as well. Unfortunately she took out my tensioner but Tom was able to do an emergency repair. Life with a puppy!

  2. It’s been enjoyable for us to try different take-out restaurants this past year. Yes, I would rather eat in person, but it does break up the week and give me a night off from cooking while supporting these struggling businesses.

  3. Jeanne says:

    That dinner you had looks just delicious! Yummy!
    Ryeleigh is such a little character! I’ll have to play that video of her when Rico is at home. He’s gone to town with his mommy right now. I’ll let you know what his reaction is…

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