Chicken News

Big Red was in fine form this morning as I was testing out my old barn camera.  I couldn’t remember why I stopped using it, but I know I had 4 dead batteries for it.  This morning new batteries arrived so I wanted to take it for a spin.


He was crowing like crazy, I believe because another rooster was crowing too.

The other rooster is this young reddish boy.  He seems to be asserting himself a little more.  I think I will call him Little Red.


That leaves the low rooster who has no name.  I was thinking about calling him Little White or Whitey.  Tom suggested Dirty White Boy after the Foreigner song.  What do you think?


So the camera’s flash is working, the zoom works, and the focusing is OK. The reds are a little oversaturated but that is not a major problem.  I would like your opinions, if these photos are of reasonable quality.  Of course they are all in barn shots. Outside they may improve.

But the big news is….Tom found a hen yesterday sitting on a dozen eggs on top of the hay in the hay loft.  I hadn’t seen them as when she is not there, they are indented into the bale and not visible without climbing up there.


Tom decided to leave the eggs for her to hatch.  So we will be having some chicks again fairly soon.  


We are speculating on the father.  We kind of assumed that it was Big Red as he has almost all of the hens except when Little Red occasionally tries and then gets attacked by BR.  But this hen looks a lot like the one who had been hanging out with the white rooster in the old pheasant pen.  So our so-far-unnamed rooster may be the papa.  We shall see.

Here are some Ryeleigh photos.  I took these on March 6 when I was testing out the old barn camera and had a teeny amount of juice in one of the batteries.  So was just willy nilly taking photos to see if the camera still worked.  


But I think the last photo is funny. Mr. Bill has since lost his face. I hope you all have a great Friday!

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4 Responses to Chicken News

  1. kapperkay says:

    Dirty White Boy, lololol!!! Your feathered friends are so beautiful – I grew up with chickens. I remember dreading when the chicks hatched because the mamas would attack us when we got off the school bus and in those days girls wore dresses. My shins got hen pecked alright! Our rooster was so gorgeous and I think he knew it. We named him Big Deal. Oh Lordy, seeing your pics triggers my memories ❣️

    Ryeleigh is obviously loving her digs! Precious! And big bro Steve as well😊

  2. Cottontailfarm says:

    Great pictures. And while Dirty White Boy is an excellent name, may I suggest Jukebox Hero is a bit more dignified?

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