Solstice Trip to the Boles

We headed to the mountains Saturday for a little break. We got there in the afternoon and after unpacking it was already time to start dinner. This is Tom starting it.

This was Ryeleigh’s first trip to the “cabin”. She seemed to settle in well.

Here is the sun going down dramatically.

Here is the divider between the kitchen and dining room. I love this and worry if it gets broke there will not be a replacement.

We set up a kennel under the dining table for Ryeleigh. She seemed to like it, and it was near the stove. For some reason in this photo she looks like Rocky.

Here is our steak dinner. Almost all of our meals this trip were majority farm meals. In this case the beef and green beans. We watched March Madness on my iPhone.

It was cold and windy out so the dogs enjoyed being inside, hoping for some steak bits.

The next day I was able to start a new knitting project while watching the Madness, this time on our 12 volt TV.

It continued to be cold and windy. Steve and his ears braved the elements.

I decided to try my hand at cooking Supernatural Brownies in our vintage trailer kitchen. We do not have a microwave so I improvised a double boiler. I cannot think of the last time I used one.

Another farm dinner with our hamburger and green beans.

The next morning Ryeleigh got to hang with Tom in bed.

She really enjoyed the wood stove as did our previous beagles.

Yesterday it was finally sunny and not windy although still cool. I continued to knit and was able to listen to a webinar about James Beard that was interesting.

At cocktail hour I made myself a Margarita with my vintage ice crusher.

It was a nice trip. The weather was mostly horrendous, but it was cozy in the Boles by the fire. And we all were able to relax.

These are the photos from my iPhone. I also took photos with my barn camera, mostly outside while on walks. I will post those when I get a chance.

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4 Responses to Solstice Trip to the Boles

  1. Michelle McMillen says:

    Looks like a lovely little get-away. Ryeleigh is looking like a adolescent now instead of a baby; they do grow up fast, and that is mostly a good thing IMHO!

  2. Jeanne says:

    That sounds like a nice trip!
    I’m interested in that brownie recipe, but I’ll wait to check it till i get home. The internet here in the hospital doesn’t work well.
    Ryeleigh is really growing up! She no longer looks like a baby.

    • Donna says:

      It was a nice trip! When I hadn’t heard from you I was worried that you were back in the hospital. Heal quickly and get back home! Ryeleigh is looking more adolescent now for sure.

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