Out Like a Lamb

The last day of March was gorgeous here. It felt like Spring had sprung. And the garden was dry enough so Tom tilled it. I love the dark soil we have. 

There are lots of seeds starting in our greenhouse.  A friend Denise brought up the idea of having a black barrel of water in her hoop house to help moderate the nighttime temperatures.  So I brought a black barrel in and filled it.  Plus this can be an easier source of water for the seeds, rather than hauling it every few days which we have been doing.

Ryeleigh does enjoy the loose soil for digging.

Unfortunately we had an eagle flying low over Ryeleigh, making us nervous.

But he did fly away.  We were able to bottle the last of my wine.  Then Tom was able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon watching the dogs play in the backyard.  I did a spring cleaning in the house.

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4 Responses to Out Like a Lamb

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh, that would be very upsetting, to have an eagle flying low over your precious pup! Scary! Will the black barrel actually make the water warmer, when there’s a roof over it? Oh, your roof on there is clear! Silly me!

    I enjoyed your post, as always!


    • Donna says:

      It was upsetting. Then he flew low over our chickens but then flew off. I was yelling at him though. We shall see if it makes the water warmer. The roof is clear plastic so hoping it will work. I am glad you are enjoying the posts and hope you are healing. Donna

  2. The black barrel is a great idea!

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