My Saturday

It was a farm morning.  I did the animal chores while Tom worked on fixing the fence that was hit by the falling spruce tree this winter.  It is where the grapes are planted, and we were given two grape plants by Tom’s daughter so quickly needed to get this fixed and the new grapes planted.  Here it is before he fixed it.


There was a lot of the spruce tree behind the fence.  The sheep and goats are helping clean that up.


We found two more hidden chicken nests this morning.  This one has at least 20 eggs,


and this one has 5.  So we are expecting a lot more chicks than we thought.  Plus we have an order of chick coming later this month.  


Here is some of the progress from the back of the fence.  He was able to fix it and get the grapes planted.


I saw this idea on facebook the other day so grabbed an old rake head we had laying around and made a BBQ utensil rack for our back porch.  I think it is pretty cool.


After animal chores, my attention went to the garden and greenhouse.  I am not sure you can see them, but our tomatoes are actually sprouting. I had given up hope.  I had plantted them all and put them on a seed warming pad in mid March.  But the mat caught fire.  So the seeds were left in the greenhouse which was too cold at night for them.  But Tom bought me new warming pads for my birthday, and I set them up the next day.  So I am so happy to see these seeds survived the ordeal.


I planted peas, sweet peas, radish, spinach and turnips in the garden.  The beagle was not helpful so Tom put up the garden fence.  

After lunch I dyed some hard boiled eggs.  It will be a quiet pandemic Easter for us, but at least I will have colorful eggs to eat still.  


I also made Kombucha.  It had been a while, and my SCOBY went crazy!


Tom was running out of cookies in the jar so I made these butterscotch cookies.  They are really good!


Then I started Prue Leith’s Sussex Pond Pudding.  Here it is in my bamboo steamer where it will steam for 2 hours.


The sauce requires Double Cream which is hard to find but we did.


While this was steaming I made some bath bombs as we are out and they are critical to our back care.  


I have a chicken roasting in the oven and am now sitting in front of the Final Four UCLA versus Gonzaga game.


Go Zags!!!!!!

Now the obligatory Ryeleigh photos.  This one Tom took the other day.  


This is the scene in the kitchen when I came home from work yesterday morning.


And this morning the arm is tore off.  Poor Mr. Bill!


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4 Responses to My Saturday

  1. Well, it certainly sounds like you had a successful egg hunt!

    • Donna says:

      I guess so. We would rather have eggs for eating, but I guess we will have lots of chickens for eventual meat and more egg layers. But it is appropriate for Easter weekend to find lots of eggs.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Hm! How was that pudding? Had you made it before. I looked it up, and Marlys and I decided it wasn’t one we wanted to try. No offense intended! I got a chuckle out of Ryeleigh sniffing noses with the goat through the fence!

    Poor Mr. Bill! It looks like he bit the dust! I remember you saying that he was suffering some damage a while back, but this is traumatic.

    I hope your chicks all hatch! Does that ever happen, that they all do?

    • Donna says:

      The pudding had nice flavor but was real mushy so I won’t make it again. I hadn’t made it before but saw it made on British Baking so wanted to try it.
      The chicks never all hatch. There are always some eggs that never do.

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