My Easter

So the pond pudding wasn’t great. It was mushy, and the sauce didn’t set up. It had nice flavor, but the texture made it not terribly edible. So that was a disappointment.

img_2592-1But the Gonzaga-UCLA game was not. What an incredible game and an amazing ending!  I feel badly for UCLA as they played their hearts out but, of course, I was routing for the Zags.  

This morning I got up early.  Ryeleigh does this exaggerated yawn thing when she is done sleeping and wants to be let out.  It is at the end of this video and is so cute.  

We went to the orchard.  I took a moment to appreciate the bird sounds (and lack of cars driving by).  

Back in the house, Ryeleigh was occupied by this other beagle in the hallway.  It was so adorable.  She kept going to the other end of the hallway to find the other dog.  I didn’t realize I was in the photo.  


Here is a closer view.  Fortunately she didn’t make noise to wake Tom up.


I nade biscuits.  I used Dick and Nancy’s Best Biscuits Ever recipe and here they are (and they are).  


Tom made sausage gravy.  And here is my Easter breakfast.


It was quite good.  But then it was farm chores. I did animals and started seeds in the greenhouse while Tom burnt one of the fallen spruces.  Then we releveled our dining room area.  But then I made CornBread Pot Pie. Unfortunately I cannot share the recipe because it came from a secure site at Seattle Children’s.  Here it is (and it was really good!).


Now we are going to partake in our wood fired hot tub and continue to listen to All Blues on KNKX. So an okay Easter. We ate well, got things done and are now relaxing. I hope you all had a nice Easter. It is so nice that Spring is here and hopefully this pandemic is on its heels. I really miss family, specially on days like today.

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  1. Thank you for the birds! It always feels so good when they return, like old friends coming home.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I really enjoyed the videos! The birds were delightful. Ryeleigh is just adorable!!

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