Signs of Spring on our Farm

This morning, the chicks in the hay loft finally hatched. A few days ago 4 eggs had fallen out of the nest, and the immature chicks inside had died. This morning there were four chicks under the mother hen on the floor of the hay loft, but the other 4 chicks were not initially found. We eventually found 2 dead chicks in the barn below so we presume the other 2 met a similar fate. But 4 chicks were alive. I handed Tom a feed bucket, and we moved them into the weasel-proof pen.

Catching the mother was more difficult, but finally we rounded her up, and there were all safe and sound in their pen.

Apart from spring chicks, the forsythia is blooming.  It has really grown since we moved here, but it is spectacular.

The daffodils are also blooming here.

Here are the obligatory Ryeleigh photos:

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2 Responses to Signs of Spring on our Farm

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m very sorry that you only got four surviving chicks! But they are SO cute! I’m glad you were able to get them and their mom into a safe place.

    Your daffodils are really lovely. Ours are almost finished. Of course, we’re a lot further south than you are, so probably warmer, too. We don’t have a forsythia bush, since we have such a small lot, not a farm like you and Tom have. I’m sad, because I love the way they look. But I’m glad you have a beautiful one.

    We’re supposed to have weather in the 70s this week, but it hasn’t made it yet.


    • Donna says:

      I am sorry too. I feel bad for the chicks that died and the mom who was probably frantic trying to save them. I worry that we should have moved her nest, but when we have done that in the past the hen will abandon it. I love the daffodils and forsythia. Such cheery flowers after a dark winter. We are supposed to be in the 70’s as well. Looking forward to it! Donna

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