Hearth Cooking

Yesterday for dinner we cooked over our “hearth”.  It is not too hearth-like yet, but we will get it there.  I have some hearth improvement ideas on pinterest.  Tom got a fire going with a grate and the dutch on top.

We made chicken curry from my A Taste of History cookbook.  It was featured on Season 3, episode 11 of his show– this one about John James Audubon.

First we sautéed the chicken pieces that I had marinated for 6 hours.

Then added onions and garlic.

Here is my prep station.

Ryeleigh offered to help with food disposal.

The marinade was added to the pot, and it simmered for 40 minutes.  This meant adjusting the coals.  It was a nice time to relax.

Meanwhile I baked Almond Rice Pilaf from the same book and show.  We do not have a wood fire oven yet so I used electric.

Cream is added to the curry, and it is simmered for 5 more minutes.  Here it is all done.

And here is my meal.

We both thought it was excellent.  Plus it was enjoyable to eat in our backyard for a change.

I think the dogs enjoyed it as well.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Wow! What a meal! I love the pleased look on Tom’s face! He must have really enjoyed that!
    Ryeleigh was so cute, looking to see if she could help!

  2. Gonna keep this in mind! Reminds me of “bean hole” baked beans. Such a great cooking method.

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