Ribs and Fish

So a week and a half ago I hurt my ribs.  I was working in the garden and leaning over the edge of a container trying to reach some weeds.  I felt something give way in my ribs, and they started to hurt.  It wasn’t horrible but kept hurting so last week I saw my doctor and got X-rays.  No fracture but he said it would likely hurt for 5-6 weeks.  After that they have been hurting more, possibly from the prodding.

Yesterday Tom was going to go lake trout fishing with his kids and grandkids, and I was going to do the farm chores.  We are late getting the goats’ hooves trimmed so I starting getting things ready for that.  Bu then my ribs really started to hurt badly.  So I finished up the chores and retreated to the house without any trimming done.  I ended up doing some hemming, ironing and trying to bake some crackers (which didn’t turn out likely due to our broken oven).

I called Tom to see how the fishing was going.  He had no luck so far.  We made plans to have fish for dinner.  I would thaw out some sockeye salmon I had, and he was either going to bring home some trout or stop by the store for some halibut (he is not a fan of salmon).

Well, he only got one relatively small trout.  His family didn’t go fishing because it was raining.  Tom was able to score some old growth lumber from the dump though so that was good.

We didn’t have time to start a hearth fire so Tom started the grill, and I got the fish ready using the Campfire Grilled Citrus Salmon recipe.  Here is Tom’s halibut ready to go on the grill,


and here is my salmon.


I prepared the last of our corn from last year to go on the grill as well, and Tom made some rice.  Here is my dinner,


and here is Tom’s.


It was amazingly good.  The flavors of the fennel and citrus were quite yummy with both types of fish.  So this recipe is definitely a keeper.

I also made Guilt-Free Instant Pot Chocolate Pudding Cake.  It is advertised as no gluten, no sugar and no dairy.  This is not correct as the Ghirardelli chips I used have sugar and milk in them.  Plus there is powdered sugar on top.  So here is our little 4″ wide cake.


It turned out really nicely.  There was chocolate pudding in the middle and a chocolate cake crust on the outside.  I took 1/4 of it and loved it as did Tom.  Then I took a little more which I shouldn’t have done.  It is so rich, that was too much.  So I will definitely make this again but tiny servings.

Neither Tom nor I had great days yesterday, but the delicious dinners and dessert helped.  I am hoping today will go a little better.

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4 Responses to Ribs and Fish

  1. Dinner looked lovely, and the little cake was sweet indeed. Take care of those ribs!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Your dinners looked delicious! And the little cake looks like something to die for!! I will go over that recipe with Marlys, and between the two of us I think we can make enough changes that we can try it! Our diets are part paleo, all gluten free, plus, she has now had to eliminate sugar. I’m trying the dairy free to see if it helps some problems I’ve had. Ohhh, yes, we have lots of fun!! NOT! I’m not terribly fond of salmon, either, but I love some of the other fish…. So Tom and I agree on that point.

    I hope your ribs are getting better. Marlys wondered if they popped out of place… She’s experienced that, and it was very painful. It helped her to lie on her back on a firm surface. My daughter-in-law would probably recommend a chiropractor.

    • Donna says:

      Well, if you try it then I hope you like it. My ribs do not seem to be getting better but I am constantly aggravating them too. It feels like they popped out of place. I will try lying on the floor. I have thought about seeing our chiropractor but it is so tender I am nervous to go.

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