May Day and Pigs

So my May Day somewhat started last evening with me participating virtually in the Valborgsmässoafton Concert put on by the Swedish Club featuring the Swedish Singers.  My grandmother was a Swedish Singer so they have a special place in my heart.  In Sweden they celebrate the spring on April 30 with bonfires and singing.  It is described here.  And below is the concert and presentation put on by the Swedish Club last evening:

This morning after the skies cleared I was finally able to get the video of the bees on one of our apple trees.  So beautiful!!

We have more blossoms on our apple trees than we have ever had before.  We are a little worried that there may be too many apples for our trees to support.

Steve loves the orchard.

This late afternoon I actually took the time to watch the Kentucky Derby race with a Sidecar.

It is quite the cultural event.  This one was actually a race, although I was routing for Essential Quality, just because he is just a gorgeous horse. But apparently the best horse won.

But the real event of the day was picking up our pigs.  Here are some of the pigs we had to pick from.  They are Duroc-Landrace crosses.

And here are the chosen, heading home in the kennel.

Once we got home, we moved the kennel to their pen, and they stayed sleeping in there for quite a while.  Here are the first photos that Tom was able to take of them once they finally emerged.

And these are my photos.

So we have a female and a male pig.

This is convenient as I wanted to name them Peppa and George.

So Peppa is the bigger one, and George is the smaller one with the ear tag and the penis.

They seem to be adjusting well.  Steve was thrilled to have pigs to watch again. He is fascinated by them.  The donkeys are too.  I was worried since their kennel door was accidentally shut, but them but Tom spotted them just now that they had found a spot in their shelter and are cuddled in the ample straw we put down today.

Welcome Peppa and George!!!  I plan to spoil you rotten!

I made a Beltane Cake for the first time for May Day.  I did not make Sima this year as I usually do.  But here is the cake.

I am not sure how authentically Celtic it is with the amaretto liqueur.  It is OK but too spicy.  I am guessing too much cloves.  I may stick with Sima for my May Day tradition.

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3 Responses to May Day and Pigs

  1. Jeanne says:

    I enjoyed your videos, and can see why you are fascinated with the Swedish Singers. That’s really neat that your grandmother used to do that. Your apple trees are lovely. I guess you’ll have to prop the branches so they don’t break. The bees were certainly active!

    Was there any special reason for the names of the pigs? When I saw that one was Peppa, I expected the other one to be Salt! Silly me! It makes me chuckle to think that Steve and the donkeys are so interested in the pigs.

    We watched the Derby, too. It was pretty exciting. Our friend was rooting for Medina, because he has such good form. She was just very sure he was going to win.

    • Donna says:

      We are going to have to prop up a lot of tree branches. We have 100 trees though so not sure we can prop that many. The pigs are names from a cartoon about Peppa the pig. You friend was right about Medina. He was not going to let anyone pass him.

  2. Denise says:

    wow, those apple trees really are blooming up a storm! I love the picture of Steve in the orchard. Such a happy boy 🙂

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