Roosters or The Pecking Order

This is Dirty White Boy and Little Red fighting during chores a couple of days ago.


It went on and on.  DWB was the third place rooster behind Little Red and Big Red.  But I guess he wanted to change positions.  I had assumed he would win this fight as he is bigger.  But Little Red definitely battled.


It is so odd because they grew up together and were friends not that long ago, but I guess the hormones kicked in.


Here is Little Red after this fight.  He looks worse because he is wet from the rain.  But it was clear he had lost.

after the fight

But then later in the morning I saw them fighting through a fence panel.  Just crazy!

fighting through fence

Here is Little Red this morning.  It is hard to see with the shadows, but his comb is really damaged.  He definitely lost so will not have nearly as many hens as the top two roosters.  But as long as he stops fighting he will have a nice rooster life here despite that.

beat up rooster

In other farm news, the chicks are all doing quite well.  They are starting to develop their tails and wings which is fun to see.  Of the 4 hay loft chicks, 2 appear to be roosters and two appear to be hens (1 brown and 1 black for each gender).

chicks with tails and wings

Today was pasture rotation day, and the sheep looked mighty fine on their fresh grass.

sheep on green pasture

Finally, the obligatory Ryeleigh photo.  This time she is checking out the bee hive table.

Ryeleigh and hiveHappy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there, especially mine!!!

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2 Responses to Roosters or The Pecking Order

  1. kapperkay says:

    Love the rooster pics! Kinda reminds me of my boys when they were younger lol, couldn’t go a day without some kind of fighting. Sheesh!

    Ryeleigh is growing up to be a beautiful young
    lady❤️ I was watching a YouTube video of a beagle pup howling, holy cow it was adorable!!!

    Happy to hear your blood work came back ok!👍

    • Donna says:

      They are high drama photos of the roosters. And Ryeleigh is growing up so nicely. Beagle puppy howling has got too be the cutest thing in the whole world. Donna

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