Puerto Rican-Style Smoked Pork Shoulder & Black Beans

Tom made this pork shoulder recipe last night for dinner.  It took 3 hours for a 4-5# shoulder.  Here it is cooking on the grill.


I had made the accompanying black bean recipe 2 days before so we had that reheated as the side dish.  Here it is on my plate.


It was really good.  We liked the flavors.  It wasn’t as tender as we were expecting but definitely a keeper recipe.

In other huge news, our new oven element arrived.  Apparently you can no longer go to a local appliance store and buy them anymore.  So yesterday Tom put it in.  We were not sure it was working, but the proof was in the banana bread that Tom made.  The bottom is well cooked.  So now we can get back to baking and roasting again!


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  1. My husband would drool at even the thought of this!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Well, that does sound wonderful! I’d been looking for the black bean recipe! We will definitely have to try this!

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