May Trip to the Boles

This is my view leaving work Thursday. They are balloons outside of patients’ rooms on the first floor of the hospital.

And here we are Friday morning heading out.

Once we arrived and unpacked it was cocktail hour. My brother and his woman were already there so there were a few drinks to make (Mojitos and Old Fashioneds).

We had a nice dinner in the bunkhouse and chatted.

The next morning Ryeleigh enjoyed looking out the window while we had coffee.

I spent the day walking around the property with the dogs and my camera (there will be more photos later). I also knit. Tom did some riding. My Dad showed up without his woman (hurt hip). Greg got a fire ready. Then it was cocktail hour. Sue and I had White Russians.

This was in honor of Big Lebowski and my Westerly sweater.

I did some nice eating on Sunday. Spinach salad, root vegetable salad and baked pork chops.

I thought this was an interesting photo of Tom and Ryeleigh in the evening sun.

It was pretty windy Sunday and Monday. I continued with the walks. I ran out of yarn so read a couple of books. The guys collected firewood for next winter and worked on a burnt water line. When we weren’t walking Steve liked to just hang.

Greg and Sue left Sunday, and Dad left yesterday. Then we were on our own.

And it was cocktail hour again. This time Mojitos.

It was still windy so we cooked and ate dinner inside. We ended up relaxing and watching Mash on TV.

This morning we woke up to beautiful weather and lots of deer. One more walk and then time to pack up and leave.

I will say that I am doing much better at altitude with my adrenal insufficiency being treated. I am still slow but breathing was much less labored and less palpitations. I brought my pulse oximeter but didn’t feel the need to check my oxygen levels this trip. Much improved!

As I mentioned I brought my camera. I took lots of photos of the flora and fauna. I will post those once I get a chance.

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6 Responses to May Trip to the Boles

  1. mcfwriter says:

    Looks absolutely wonderful, Donna! I am envious (I’m SO in need of an escape!) 🙂

    I’m very glad to hear your health is better with treatment too. And wow – those meals (and libations!) look amazing!

  2. Michelle says:

    So glad to hear of improvements! The salads look yummy; I made a really good spinach salad recently, too.

  3. Denise says:

    Didn’t know that you had a Dude sweater. Very cool. “Careful man, there’s a beverage here!” 🙂

    • Donna says:

      Tom got the sweater for me for Christmas. And I love it. It was perfect for the Boles. I have ordered a DVD of the movie. It has been a while since I have seen it and I thought it was worth having a real copy rather than a digital rental.

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