Our Day

Today was pasture rotation day.  I always love seeing the animals of fresh grass.  Here are the cows in their new pasture,


and the sheep.


Tom fixed up the grampa rain gauge.  There is an aluminum flashing roof and clear coat on the wood.   Hopefully it will continue on.


You probably can’t see it, but there were a lot of bumble bees on these sage flowers.  No honey bees though, which was interesting.  My bees seem to be doing OK.


I did get some gardening done.  I transplanted some cucumbers, tomatoes and basil.  I wanted to get more done but ran out of time.

It was battery day today.  We brought my car in for maintenance, and it needed a new battery.  Then Tom bought new batteries for William’s quad, the Honda 90, and the camper van.


After picking up my car, I headed to Schuh Farms to buy some fresh strawberries.  There will be Mary Berry’s scones, fresh strawberries and clotted cream in the morning!

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4 Responses to Our Day

  1. Jeanne says:

    I really enjoyed reading your entry.
    The grampa rain gauge is adorable! Was it made by one of your grandfathers? That’s quite a unique design.
    The sage blossoms are very pretty. I made the picture bigger, and did see some bumble bees. It does seem odd that there weren’t any honeybees.
    Oh, I would love to have some of those strawberries and clotted cream with you in the morning!

  2. Denise says:

    yay for fresh grass! love this time of year. happy sheep, happy bees 🙂

  3. Donna says:

    My maternal grandfather made it for me because I had commented that my rain gauge kept freezing up and breaking. So this had a heating unit in it to keep it from freezing. It was an ingenious design. The heating element no longer works but the housing does help keep it from freezing to some degree. It is quite sentimental for me so I want to keep it going as long as possible.
    The sage blossoms are gorgeous. I am not sure why the honey bees were not liking ti. Every time I look it is just bumble bees. I managed to miss my zoom beekeepers meeting last evening. I could have asked there.
    I just now finished my strawberries and clotted cream and it was truly lovely. Tom had it with scones and said ti was good.

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