The grandkids came to visit the farm today.  It has been a while thanks to the pandemic, kindergarten and winter.  Here are the dogs saying hi.

William, Ryeleigh and Steve

Ryeleigh naturally was a little too enthusiastic with her welcome.

Ryeleigh and William

Steve was more low key.

Piper and Steve

William, of course, wanted to check out the motorcycles.  Here he is on Tom’s latest project.

blue 1969 Z50 and William

He wanted to sit on his mini bike to see if he was finally tall enough to ride it without training wheels.  He still is not quite tall enough.

William on his mini bike

But that did not prevent his from rolling it to where Piper was sitting on his quad so he could have pretend races with her.

Ryeleigh, Steve, William, Piper and JayleneWilliam, Piper and Jaylene

Piper then moved to the minibike with Jaylene, and she was so cute.

Jaylene and PiperJaylene and Piper2Steve and William

Tom took Piper on what we believe is her first motorcycle ride on Luther.

Tom, Piper and Luther

This was while William was riding his quad.

William on his quad

Steve enjoyed it.

Tom, Piper, Luther and Steve

Here is a video of them. At the end Tom is pointing out a bald eagle flying low over our farm yet again.

Ryeleigh was nervous about all of the riding.

Ryeleigh worrying about the quad

Afterwards, William was explaining all of the spinout marks in our driveway.

William explaining the spinouts on our driveway

It was such a nice afternoon.  I am happy to be able to have outdoor visits again.

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  1. kapperkay says:

    Your grand babies are darling – I especially love their names, Piper because I’ve always just loved the sound of it, and William because I also have a William but he’s a little bit older😊. 39 to be exact. And his passion is – you guessed it – motorcycles😬

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