Flowers and Family on the Mountain

As promised, here are more photos from our trip.  These ones were taken with my camera (and not my phone).

First the flowers.


And then the family.

Ryeleigh at front doorWe listen to Marc Maron’s interview with David Hidalgo our first night there (Thursday) before everyone else arrived.

David Hidalgo interviewThursday sunsetThursday sunset_2Ryeleigh on deckThursday sunset2

Ryeleigh was concerned about Steve’s barking.  You can hear the interview as well.  Thursday sunset3fire

We actually had a fire in the stove the first evening.


Ryeleigh sleeping on couchSteve laying in dirtMount Rainier with dogshillsidesitehot Steve in shadetree

Friday afternoon and evening was when everyone arrived (except my brother who came Saturday).

Piper and William on quadsPiper and William on bike and quadWilliam on bikePiper and William and TomDad and William looking at motorcycleMount RainierDad playing laser tagmoon between pine treesFriday sunsetthe guysFriday sunset2Mount Rainier2


chipmunknest on tractor axle

Above is a bird’s nest on the tractor’s axle.tree trunk

Ryeleigh really used her nose a lot.eaten treehot tired beagleSteve and PiperWilliam on LutherWilliam driving Tom on quadbike and quadWilliam and Mo talkingRyeleigh on Tom's lapTom and RyeleighMo and WilliamSteve


the gang

the camp


grampa cardPiper and quadstump chairlittle trees


two treeshot beagleWillaim and Russ on quaddead tree

dead tree and Ryeleighcastle remains

Above is the site of the burnt castle.  Here is what it used to look like.  My brother built it.



Piper Tom and RyeleighMo and William_2


Greg workingWilliam on quadPiper sleeping

I got some knitting done while Piper slept and most of the gang went riding.


William on big quad

heading out for a ridesunshine on pine needlesbull walking up hill

Ryeleigh had to be kept on a leash.  Thankfully Mo and William helped with the walking duties.

William walking RyeleighTom William and PiperJaylene and Pipercrystal radio kit

I bought William and Tom a crystal radio kit.  Unfortunately it needs soldering so they will ahve to wait and assemble it at home.

Mount Rainier SundaySunday sunsetlight sticksWe had a truly wonderful time.  Memories made, for sure.  


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6 Responses to Flowers and Family on the Mountain

  1. Jeanne says:

    What a wonderful trip! The pictures are really nice. Is the man with the beautiful white hair your dad?
    William and Piper are just as cute as can be!
    That must be Mt. Rainier in the distance.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne! It was a wonderful trip that is my Dad. It is Mount Rainier in the photos but you can also see Adams and St. Helens.

  2. An incredible album! I really love the sky scapes!

  3. Jeanne says:

    Your dad sure has beautiful hair! Wish I had that lovely silvery hair! If I ever get a decent picture, you’ll see my hair, too.

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