Our Crazy Fruit Year

began today with my picking some of our Rainier cherries.  Most years we do not get any because the birds get to them first.  We had one previous year where we had an abundance of cherries, and this is the second time.  And I left a lot of cherries on the tree for the birds.  Our orchard ladder came in handy (thanks Al!).  Now I need to figure out what I am going to do with them.

Rainier cherries

But while I was in the orchard I noticed all of the set fruit.



Asian pears

Asian pears


more apples






Even more apples


yet more apples





pie cherries

pie cherries









In addition, we have been buying flats of local strawberries.  They are so good.


We do have some strawberries of our own which are small but tasty.

Steve loves the orchard as it is cooler there.

Steve in orchard

Steve loves the orchard

We have over 100 fruit trees so will definitely have our work cut out for us this summer and fall.

On another topic, our laurel by the driveway is blossoming like crazy.  And it has such a lovely odor.


laurel blossoms

The bees love it.  Hopefully you can see and hear them.

In sad news, the eagles got another of our chickens.  We may have to confine them.

dead chicken

dead chicken remains

They are predicting some incredibly high temperatures here.  So we drug out the air conditioner that came with the house when we bought it 19 years ago.  It was old even then, but it works.  So we set it up in our bedroom window again, and it is cranking out cold air again.

air conditioner

air conditioner

Stay cool everyone!

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7 Responses to Our Crazy Fruit Year

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh boy! Your Rainier cherries are sooo beautiful! Marlys said you can dehydrate them and send them here! She would love them!! So would I. If we were close enough I’d come and buy some! You really do have an abundance of fruit!

    The laurel is lovely! Wish I could smell it. I wasn’t able to hear the bees, but I did hear birds singing.

    I’m so sorry that you lost another hen to an eagle! =( That’s really sad. I know you would hate to pen them up, but if that’s what needs to be done…

    Take care, and enjoy that fruit!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne! They are pretty. Not excited to run my dehydrator now with the heat. Considering my options today. I am sorry you could hear the bees. Right now I think we will start with trying to keep the chicks safe. They are outgrowing their pen so need a bigger eagle proof space. We will enjoy the fruit. Fresh strawberries and cherries for breakfast and I will be making strawberry shortcake for dessert.

  2. We’re bracing for the heat here, too. Watering the garden before it hits, and need to do some of the landscaping, too. We have a heat pump, but I usually set it at 80 – which will still feel good when it’s in the 100s.

  3. What beautiful cherries, and what wonders ahead for the season!

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