Monday was warm.


So we hung out some in the bedroom where our old air conditioner is.  The beagle enjoyed it on the bed with us for the first time.


Tom was able to buy a second air conditioner from Habitat for Humanity so that is now in our living room, making things much more comfortable inside.

Yesterday when I was leaving for work, we had quite a scare.  We couldn’t see Ryeleigh as I was leaving.  Usually we have her contained when we open the front gate to our busy road that we have lost several animals on.  But we couldn’t find her.  I could hear her rustling in some weeds near our orchard.  So we thought she was occupied chasing something so we opened the front gate so I would go, and Tom was going to guard it from beagle escape.  But then we heard a honk on the road, and Tom took off running.

Ryeleigh was on the road!  Traffic was stopped, and Tom tackled her and brought her back.

I left for work, but Tom cleared the front fence line and found a 1 foot hole in the fence near the ditch by that plum tree.  He patched it and is sure it is now safe.  He is pretty scraped up and sore from his tackle on the road.

But then last night while I was still at work she wouldn’t come in for the night, and Tom couldn’t find her.  He ended up checking the road a few times making sure she wasn’t there.

He eventually found her near the blueberries with a baby rabbit.  Tom moved the rabbit out of beagle range and got the pup back in the house.

Today he bought a bell for her collar, but she freaked out completely.  So then we put a fob on her collar with a light on it.  We can turn it on in the evening so we can find her.  It worked this evening to get her in.  She is currently sleeping on the couch next to me.  I am not sure entire;y sure why we love beagles so much as they are a chore, but we do love this one.

P.S.  Tom made his usual stroggy for dinner.  But I decided to make turnip noodles to go with mine as we have lots of turnips in the garden, and I figured it would be healthier than noodles.  And for the first time they really turned out well. They are younger turnips than I have used in the past, and I spiraled them into strips which I cut into noodle-sized lengths,   I boiled them briefly, and here they are.  So good!


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10 Responses to Beagle

  1. Ah yes, our pup has caused a few more gray hairs for me that way, too! But I must say it has gotten a little better now that she is a year and a half old . . . a LITTLE better; ha!

  2. They can disappear in a flash, even in the house!

  3. Jeanne says:

    YIKES! That kind of thing is enough to give you gray hair overnight! I’m so glad she’s okay!!
    How is Tom doing? I understand how it is to love a dog! They are so wonderful!
    Give Tom my greetings, and tell him I hope he feels better soon!

  4. Jeanne says:

    I’m back! So glad Ryeleigh is okay, but she obviously has a mind of her own. Little rascal! That was a good idea to put a light on her collar – probably better than the bell would have been even if she has tolerated it. I’m glad you have her and love her so much.

    We all have our favorite breeds of dog, don’t we? I used to think Miniature Schnauzers were the only breed I would ever want to have, but then I met Marlys’s Shih Tzu! Oh, my! He was such a sweetheart! And then we met Rico! Oh my, again! He is such a delight. But, of course, he’s one in a million, being a mixed breed! I don’t know if I’ll ever have another dog of my own…we’ll see.

    • Donna says:

      She is a rascal. The light only helps us at night. I was hoping for something that we could trigger to make a noise remotely but haven’t found that yet.

  5. Denise says:

    so relieved that Ryeleigh is safe- that must have been really scary. Hope Tom is ok. sure that making a diving tackle on the road probably didn’t do his knee any favors, but you don’t think about that in the moment-just keeping the pup safe.

    • Donna says:

      It was not good for his knee nor the rest of him. He seems to be recovering and so far Ryeleigh is safe. The dang rabbits are keeping her busy though.

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