Weaving and the Olympics, Week 2

So the Olympics and “weaving” continue.  There have been lots of track events.


I finally got to watch some archery.


Ryeleigh was still under activity restrictions early in the week so hung with me on the couch, not too interested in the sports.


She finally showed interest in the frog I bought for here just before we initially brought her home.  Thrilled she is finally interested, but now it looks like the frog I dissected in college.


I actually watched some golf.


There was some buff canoeing,


and kayaking.


Steve got some attention from Tom,


while I kept working on the warp during badminton.


There was weightlifting


when I got the front apron tied on.


So on Tuesday, I decided to wear the Target dress that caused such a stir on Facebook last winter.  I ran out and bought it but then was too wimpy to wear it out in the barn in teh winter for the chicken photo.   But I must say that this dress made me smile in some of the darkest days of the pandemic.  So now I did it decide to wear it now in the a warm weather, do the animal chores and do the chicken photo.  I thought it might be cooler than my usual jeans and a T-shirt but didn’t seem like it.  I could wear a little less sunscreen, but the poop water I need to change every day soak through nicely.  I am not sure this is the correct barn attire.  Tom thought I looked “Amish”.img_3928

Tuesday afternoon (day 12 of the Olympics) I finally started weaving to basketball!


The plan was to finally use the Pendleton selvage purchased at the mill in 2013 to make a rag rug for our Boles bedroom.  Here is the bag of selvage I purchase then for $18.80.


I started weaving it to more basketball,


but then moved on to long distance swimming.  A friend’s daughter does this (but not in the Olympics) so I know a little about the sport.


Then there was a three way tie in track that almost cost the USA a qualifying position.


I kept weaving the rug though more track.  I am really liking how the rug is turning out.


And this is one of the happiest and prettiest people I have seen winning a bronze medal.


There was an impressive wrestling match


and artistic swimming (used to be synchronized).


On Wednesday there was a Japan and Korea baseball game to decide who gets to the gold medal match and military service for the Koreans,


while starting a second rug.


The first rug I somewhat randomly put the weft in.  For this rug I am keeping the selvedge pieces flat with the fuzzier side up for a more consistent rug.  I like this as well.


But…that evening I was vacuuming, and the heavy loom bench dropped on my foot.  Apparently the rolled rug was thick enough to tilt the bench making it apt to tip.  The edge fell hard on my foot so all plans stopped, and I had to rest, ice and elevate it to try to get it under control before work the next day.


Who knew that weaving was dangerous?!?  While trying to recuperate I watched some boxing


and shot put.


I worked Thursday and couldn’t watch the games.  Today I am too tired to trust myself to weave.  But I got ready to do farm chores after work.  Ryeleigh, for the first time, learned how to get on our bed, harassed our cat on her only refuge, and messed up the blankets.  I had to help her down, being careful with her spaying incision.


Then she wanted outside and when I didn’t immediately let her off the porch, she tore up one of our berry baskets.  She is still puppy, I guess.


During chores, the vultures were soaring overhead, as they often are.

Tom had found another pea chick hatched by a chicken hen yesterday and set them up in one of our unused rabbit hutches.  Here they are this morning. I am happy they are doing well.


I watched the gold medal soccer match between Sweden and Canada this afternoon.  I was rooting for Sweden so was disappointed.


I am pushing for the final events.  I am hoping to get more weaving done this weekend and maybe a second rug completed.  I would love to finish using the salvage, but we shall see.  Wish me luck!!!

PS  I still haven’t seen any BMX, field hockey, pentathlon, mountain biking, shooting, track cycling, trampoline, nor triathlon.  Maybe this weekend?

PPS  We are loving the Walter commercials.  Our next cat will be a Walter.

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9 Responses to Weaving and the Olympics, Week 2

  1. elephant500 says:

    I agree with Tom, Amish! Mo

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  2. Jeanne says:

    I love the picture of you in the cute dress! But Amish? I don’t think so. You don’t have the head “gear” they wear! Did you know we have Mennonites in the Albany area? We used to see them a lot in WalMart, but not so much, lately.

    Your rug is beautiful How many do you think you’ll get out of the selvedge you bought? That’s tempting! Of course, I don’t have a loom. Oh well. I’m so sorry about your injury! Mean ol’ loom! Or is it mean ol’ vacuum? I hope your foot is getting better.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics, even though I don’t have a loom to work with while watching. They are showing beach volleyball right now. I loved watching the track and field, swimming and diving, gymnastics, synchronized (I still like the old name!) swimming, and I-don’t-know-what-all-else! I’m sorry it’s coming to an end. Marlys and I are looking forward to the para-lympics later this month.

    I’m so glad you have another pea-chick! I hope it’s a boy!

    Take care!

    • Donna says:

      You are right about the lack of headgear of course. Plus I think the colors are all wrong for the Amish. Thanks for the compliment on the rug. I am not sure how much I will get. Two or three rugs I am thinking. It is fun. It is not the loom or the vacuum that was mean, of course, but me trying to complete tasks too quickly and not paying attention. So my foot is paying the price for it. I need to slow down. Trying to do too much. I am loving the Olympics but am ready for it to be over. It is a time sink, and its getting a little repetitive. NBC keeps showing the same sports over and over, and its getting old. I am hoping to watch the para-lympics games too but not as many hours. I hope the chick does well. A boy would be nice. I am trying to take care. You too!!!

  3. Denise says:

    didn’t you get injured once before by that weaving bench?- I have a vague recollection, but can’t recall details. anyway, hope the foot heals quickly. What method do you use for warping? I need to get my little floor loom warped sometime soon and the resource I have used in the past doesn’t appear to be available online anymore 🙁

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