Farming during the Olympics

Other things did happen here during the Summer Olympics.  One was that Tom has been working on replacing the tires on my CB 550.  This is the front tire being fixed.  The back tire is harder as the exhaust has to come off to access it.

CB550 new front tire

Here is our wild hunting cat Izzy in our front pasture.

Izzy hunting

The peacock has started losing his feathers, but he still has quite a few.

peacockpeacock back

I am admiring our new young roosters.  I believe this is a Buff Orpington,

Buff Orpington rooster

a Delaware,

Delaware rooster

a Bielefelder cross rooster

Bielefelder cross rooster

and a Rhode Island Red.

Rhode Island Red rooster

Our older rooster Dirty White Boy (DWB) was moved in with the “chicks” to save him from Little Red (LR). He escaped from this pen, and they seem to have come to some kind of a truce.

DWB rooster

Our garden went a little crazy while we were on our trip and then while I was injured.  I haven’t been able to weed.  Now we are noticing that the corn are falling over,

falling over corn

and some of the bean stalks are cut at ground level, killing them.

cut off bean stalks

dead bean stalks

I grew some fodder beets this year.  They are doing quite well so I fed some to the animals yesterday.  It appears that the pigs and chickens love them.

fodder beetGeorge eating beet

Our older peachick is starting to develop some feathers on its head.  We are hoping for a peacock.

peachcik head nub

And we finally got some rain.  Since August 6 we got 0.8 inches.  We hadn’t had any rain since June 14.  This is the longest we have gone without rain in the summer since I have been keeping records (2012).

no rain in almost 2 montsh, worst ever since checking 2012

So that is what has been going on here.  It is back to farming reality now and a ton of projects.

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4 Responses to Farming during the Olympics

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m sorry to be so slow in making a comment (or two or three!)
    I didn’t know you had the Honda motor bike. I hope it’ll soon be ready to ride, so you can have fun.
    Your peacock is still beautiful! Do they always lose their feathers this early? And do people ask to buy the feathers? I know they’re very popular. – I’m glad your older peachick is doing well. I hope, too, that it’s a male.
    Your roosters are all beautiful! I enjoyed seeing them.
    I’m so sorry your garden has had so much trouble! So sad! That’s really neat that the pigs and chickens have enjoyed those beets. Good thing you planted them.
    You’re probably at work today – have a good one!

    • Donna says:

      I really want to go on a ride this summer. Fingers crossed! I have had that motorcycle since the 1980’s. But it (like me) is getting old.
      I think this is about when he usually loses his feathers but not entirely sure. People haven’t been buying the feathers so I just give them away. My brother wants some this year though for his drinking bird.
      They are gorgeous roosters. I am thinking about keeping one to replace Little Red.
      The garden is always a struggle. But we are getting lots of food so I shouldn’t complain too much.
      My work shift was long but I am partially recovered now.

      • Jeanne says:

        How long has it been since you rode your Honda last? I hope you get to enjoy it.

        Regarding the roosters, if there’s any way you can pick the nicest one with the best temper….that’d be great, wouldn’t it!

      • Donna says:

        It has been a few years since I rode it. You can choose breeds of roosters that are more apt to be docile though.

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