Hallway Posters

I have been meaning to share these all summer so finally am getting around to it.  These are two posters that Tom found at the Mount Vernon Garage Sale at the Fairgrounds quite a few years back.  Several years ago I had them framed for him for Christmas, and they have lived in our hallway ever since.

Metro's Transit Works Fun Map

Metro’s Transit Works Fun Map

Hot Times in Olympia's World poster

Hot Times in Olympia’s World

For closer looks please go to here and here.  I apologize that these are the best photos I could take.  I love the details in these posters.  The characters are classic for their period but quite stereotypical.  They make me smile when I walk by.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Those are really great posters!! If they were hanging in my hallway, I’d be standing there looking at them a LOT! Do you have any idea how old they are? They’re really a lot of fun to look at! Tom was lucky to find them, and it was sweet of you to get them framed!

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