Last Weekend of the Summer?

We actually got some rain on Friday.  So that made me feel a lot more comfortable about our water supply.  I may be able to felt rugs now, if I can find the time.


Tom and I both remember from our childhoods that it always rained on Labor Day weekend.  And since we are seeing the trees’ leaves change color and start to fall, this may be the last weekend of the summer.  But we still have chores to do.  I am feeding the fodder beets to the chickens, the only animals we have that will eat them.

Plus Tom got the larger pig pen ready so they can have some more room.

Tom fixing pig pen

I decided to move the two peachicks together and remove their adoptive chicken mothers.  It gives them more room and less work for us.  So far it seems to be working out.


Tom has been working on my motorcycle (a 1975 Honda CB 550-Four).  He did run into some complications, but yesterday as I was picking blackberries this is what I saw!

Tom on my bike in orchard

This is the first time it has run in many years.  It was so nice to see!

FYI, Tom likes to make tea.  Recently he has been using our mint and lemon balm in his sun teas, which is nice to see.

mint and lemon balm tea

I did pick some of our grapes yesterday.  These are the grapes from two of our vines.  We have 4 more to go.


After the chores, we headed out for some summer activities yesterday.  We went to the Bow Arts and Crafts and Thrift Festival.  Tom bought a bell, and I purchased some measuring cups.  It was nice to walk around the “town” of Bow on a perfect day.  Then we headed to Harmony Fields where I bought some sheep cheese.  They also have yarn and lamb meat for sale.


Then we headed south.  As we had Ryeleigh with us, we went to the Snohomish River walk which she thoroughly enjoyed (as did I).


Then we headed to the Everett Food Truck Festival and Upper Left Beerfest.  It was pretty crowded, but I wore my mask.  There were fun ciders and seltzers to sample.  I had an amazing Mediterranean dinner.  Tom had BBQ.


They even had music, which was enjoyable.

By the way, the younger woman were wearing cut offs and high waisted shorts and jeans like from my teenage years.  I even saw a young woman wearing swabbies.  These were huge in my Bellevue teenage hood.  There is a post about it which mentions the store I used to spend my money at getting the latest jeans (Saturdays).

Today it was back to the chores.  Diddley and Honor wanted petting, of course.

Diddley and Hodor want pets

We moved the pigs to their larger quarters.  They really seemed to enjoy it, except for the electrified perimeter wire.

pigs in bigger pen

Here is Tom bringing straw for their bed.

Tom bringing straw to pigs

Unfortunately my favorite young rooster was lame this morning.  It seems like Little White Boy got into the chick pen.  I am not sure if it was him, but someone beat him up.  I am quite upset.  I moved hime to one of the rabbit hutches with food and water and really hoping he recovers.  I was thinking he might be a replacement rooster for Little Red.

hurt favorite rooster

With the chores done, we headed out on my much desired motorcycle ride.

We headed thorough the quiet country roads of the lower Samish and Skagit Valleys.  We headed to the Skagit Valley Farmers Market at Christianson’s Nursery.


It was a nice market.  Tom purchased some lovely green tea there.  Then we headed back north and stopped at Bow Hill Blueberries to get a blueberry ice cream sandwich.


It was so yummy.


Here is me on my bike, at last.  I have had this bike since the 1980s.  It was an upgrade from a CB 350.  This was back when bikes cost roughly a dollar per cc (and land cost $1000 per acre).


We headed home to make a baked ham and peach dinner (a farm meal) accompanied by farm beverages.  It was a great weekend.

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2 Responses to Last Weekend of the Summer?

  1. Jeanne says:

    I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing it all.

    I’ll bet you were really excited, when Tom rode your motorcycle out to see you where you were working! I sat here and grinned! And I’m glad you included a picture of yourself on the bike! You look good on it! What kind of bike does Tom have? Your ride must have been a lot of fun.

    I’m sorry your young rooster was injured. How is he doing? Does he have a name?

    • Donna says:

      You are welcome! I was excited to see him. Not expecting to see him in the orchard though with my street bike. He has a Suzuki dual sport bike so can go on or off road. The ride was great fun. It really boosted my spirits.
      The rooster is able to stand today but still has a pretty bad limp. No name yet. Any suggestions?

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