Stormy Babysitting Weekend

So we picked up the grandkids on Friday so their parents could have a nice weekend together.  We hung out with their dog Belle, Ryeleigh and Piper waiting for William to get off the school bus.  Piper took a nap (and I did too as I had a long night at work).


When we got home, we immediately went outside to check things out. Piper likes pink.


The wind was really picking up.

It turns out Ryeleigh likes to chase William on his dirt bike.

Piper and I sat on the lawn chairs while Tom and William rode around.


She also liked to sit on the back porch steps, getting her butt wet.


Then the power went out around 6PM.  I pulled out the oil lamps, the first time William had seen one.


With the fading light, we hung out on the back porch.


We pulled out the camp stove and with the BBQ made dinner.


We ended up telling stories on the back porch until bedtime, which was enjoyable.

In the morning we had Halloween Crunch for breakfast which Tom found at the store.  I am a fan of Christmas Crunch when we can find it so this was new.


Then we were ready to do the farm chores.


storm cloudstom, piper, william and marty

After chores there was more riding with Ryeleigh involved.

We had 2 inches of rain overnight. The power had returned around 9:00.

2 inches of rain

Piper helped me pick tomatoes.


But after lunch, she became really tired, falling asleep on the floor.


Ryeleigh was really tired too.


We moved Piper to the bed in the living room and watched the Huskies game.


This is the mess of toys at this point.


Tom and William had a quiet moment on his bed with the Mariners playing.


After dinner we had a game of Monopoly and then two rousing games of Uno.


Piper was being quiet during this time, and Ryeleigh was enjoying all of the beds options in the living room.


We all slept really well.  We had a nice breakfast this morning with football on.


The kids wanted to see the farm one more time.  Here is Piper and Sonja checking each other out.  The cows were surprisingly nervous about her.

piper and sonja

She seemed to especially like the pigs.

piper, peppa and george

They were nervous about our big goat Billy.  So he was locked in the barn when they were around.

william and billy

Then we watched the Seahawks game until their parents came to pick them up.  I believe all 6 of us had a great weekend. For me it was nice to focus on something besides the work that needs to be done here as well as, of course, spending time with the grandkids. Go Hawks!

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4 Responses to Stormy Babysitting Weekend

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m so glad y’all had such a wonderful time together, even with the power outage. Those two little ones are just SO cute!

    I had to chuckle at the videos, especially the one with Ryeleigh chasing William as he rode along.

    I’m surprised that the cows were nervous about Piper, but not that they were nervous about Billy the goat.

    I’ve gone through the whole thing two or three times, and really enjoyed it all! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Denise says:

    Good weekend- perfect that the kiddos and the pups can wear each other out. I have to say, when I saw Piper in those round sunglasses, the first thing I thought was OMG, she looks like Elton John! 🙂

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