I believe that I am finally done with canning for the year, particularly since I am out of jars and space.  

August 23 peaches

22 quarts of peaches

September 15 pears and tomatoes

canned pears and tomatoes

September 15 green beans

canned green beans

Monday pears


Friday pears


And here are the top drawers of our kitchen cabinets where I store our home canned produce.  And they are completely full.  


I do not believe I have never completely filled them before.  These drawers are deep so this is an impressive amount of work.  I am glad to be done, and we will enjoy these added-sugar-free foods all year.  

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10 Responses to Canning

  1. Jeanne says:

    Congratulations, Donna! That’s really a fantastic accomplishment! It’s very good that you have such nice storage space for your jars, too! We have always had to keep ours in a room on the outside of the back of the house. Not such a good thing. But it worked out. Ron and I built shelves in there shortly after moving here. The water heater is also in the small room. Now you can put your feet up and relax for a bit!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne! It is an accomplishment. It is a nice space, as long as we do not have a significant earthquake here. That would be quite sad. I haven’t been able to put my feet up and relax though. Today after my 24 hour shift, I did the chores, harvested vegetables, picked grapes and got them ready for wine, and finished processing a felted wool rug. There is always work to do here.

  2. How wonderful! It is a satisfying thing to see our shelves lined with all those marvelous foods we’ve grown and put up. You will be tasting a little of the summer all year!

  3. Jeanne says:

    I have a question: When you can your pears, do you slip them into a bowl of salted water before you put them into the jars? I didn’t at first, until I learned that it would keep them from darkening. It doesn’t take much salt. They stay nice and white.

  4. A. says:

    Nicely done! This looks beautiful!

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