October 30

I am working tomorrow so I am trying to celebrate Halloween one day early.  This morning I got up and made Halloween Dark Chocolate Bark.  I thought it was fun adding odd bits of Halloween candy to it.  It taste good too (I had to try a piece).

Halloween bark

I had enrolled in a Truffle Hunting 101 & K9 Criteria virtual class this morning.  It was interesting, but it made me late doing the animal chores.  When I went out, I found George, our pig, stuck in the mud.  Remember that 2 1/2 inches that came down?  Well, it really worsened the mud in the pig pen.  I couldn’t get him out so I got Tom.  I also grabbed a board.  With the board and help we were able to tilt him enough to get out of the mud bog.  We decided to move the pigs back to their old pen which is less muddy.  That was a process, but we got them both in there.  But then George just crashed.  He wouldn’t even eat or drink

tired muddy George

But he picked a spot in the shade.  Since we do not know how long he was stuck for, and he was covered with med, we did not think this was a good idea.  I was able to give some left over candy from the bark recipe to Peppa.  George did eat some too.

PEPPA eating candy

We managed to get him up into the shelter with lots of dry straw.  There was a little sunshine in there but not as much as I would like.

George in straw

We tried to feed him.  He ate a little bread but not any of the pig chow nor apples we gave him.  We are worried.  Peppa is curled up next to him so hopefully he gets some warmth from her.  I am just hoping he recovers.

So the pre-halloween plan is to eat quince stew, drink Sangria, nibble on bark, and watch scary movies.

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4 Responses to October 30

  1. Denise says:

    so sorry to hear about George’s mishap. Hope that he comes through it ok.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Oh, that must have been really scary! I do hope George will recover!! I’m glad he’s a little better today.

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