Post Halloween

George has been hanging out in the shelter and the bedding.  He does eat goodies that we toss to him like Halloween candy and donuts.  But he is not walking around much and losing weight.  He was less active and eating less before the mud episode so it seems like something proceeded that.  Maybe  he was injured by Peppa who is much bigger.

George in the morningGeorge ate donuts and candy

The chickens enjoyed the leftover jack o’lantern.  This is Big Orange, the rooster we saved.

Big Orange

Here he is with the Araucana rooster that escaped and the peachicks.

two roosters and two peachicks

So that is our exciting post Halloween news here on the farm.

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5 Responses to Post Halloween

  1. Jeanne says:

    Donna, I’m sorry to learn that George isn’t doing well. It’s definitely a puzzle as to what the problem is. I hope he perks up.

    The chicken pictures are great! They are all so pretty. And I’m glad you have those peachicks!

    I hope you have a good day!

  2. I have an extra pumpkin I’ll send over!

  3. sanebishop says:

    got to be feeling pretty bad to pass up a donut. hope George feels better

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