Stir Up Sunday

So I got up at 6 AM to get things ready for my virtual Historic Christmas Pudding class.  It was the evening there.  We prepared and mixed all the ingredients.  I did try to stir east to west and made a wish.  The dough went into this towel, was tied, and then hung in boiling water for 3 1/2 hours.  In the process we learned about the history of other puddings as well.

Christmas pudding boiling

Tom kindly agreed to watch the boiling water and add more periodically while I did the animal chores.  Unfortunately rather quickly I found sad news.  One of our young red hens was killed and eaten in front of our barn.  I asked Tom to take a look to identify the predator.  We are thinking it is a red tailed hawk again.  I took the body remains away before taking this photo.  There was a hawk sitting on a limb over the donkey pen.  We were able to chase it away, but likely he/she will be back.

dead hen feathers

So quickly I need to research what you can do to deter these hawks from eating our chickens.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

In other news our magnolia is budding, for some strange reason.  What a weird weather year.

Magnolia budding

Now we are watching the Seahawks game.  Go Hawks!!!

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  1. Washe Koda says:

    Donna & Tom : keep the chickens in the coop 🐔 if your dog won’t watch over them 🐶 or do what the town I’m living, Johnson City. Tennessee does ‘poison’ the rich folks starlings,grackles,sparrows…. and within a year the hawks will be gone as it trickles down the food chain, a lot less fish, diseased livestock, human cancer…. Might try a large ‘owl’ decoy on top of your barn ❗️ I have not seen a bird of prey on my hawk pole in over 12 yrs 😢 ~Willy

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