Tallow Candles

This is a delayed post because I didn’t want to spoil my aunt’s Christmas present.  But I had been making candles with tallow from our beef suet.  By December 17 I had made these candles, also using essential oils and crayons.

But the next day I went to light one, and the wick wouldn’t light.  It just kind of melted.  I looked at the packaging for the material I had used for wicks (and thought that I had used successfully in the past), and there is no mention of the material.  So I googled it, and this thread is made from polyester!

So I tried to sew cotton string onto the ends of these wicks and pull them through the candle to replace the wicks.  That did not work.  So on December 22 I removed all of the wicks, melted all of the candles, and remade them using cotton thread.  I was done at 11 PM.

The next morning (December 23) I lit one, and it worked!

So I separated the nicer candles from the more “unique” ones.  The nicer ones went to my aunt the very next day.  FYI the pink ones are mint, the light green ones are spruce, and the dark green ones are rosemary.

I love these candles because they use up our beef suet which otherwise would be wasted, and they drip really nicely.  My aunt Amy is fond of that as well.  They don’t last long burning, but they are pretty.

Great minds think alike.  She bought me a candle mold for Christmas.  The one I had been using had been previously damaged, and this shows in the candles.  Now I will have prettier ones in the future.  Plus I will be more efficient.  I could only use 2-3 of the molds, but with the new one I can use all 6!

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  1. Well isn’t that serendipity!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Super!! Your final candles are beautiful! How nice that your aunt gave you a new candle mold! My mother used to make large candles. We girls were happy recipients of them! I made some myself, years later. Some of the ones I did were done with ice cubes in a half gallon milk carton, and a purchased taper in the center for the wick. When the hot wax was poured into the carton, the end result was really nice.

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