New Toilet

The toilet stopped working this morning.  It was stopped up and when Tom tried to plunge it, water came out all over the floor.  One thing I have learned is that when you live on a farm, if something goes wrong, it is your responsibility to deal with it.  There is no government agency that is going to help, and hired help is few and far between.  Tom was upset this morning with our old house and having to fix things all of the time.  And I am sympathetic but not willing to throw in the towel yet.

Tom lifted the lids off of our septic tanks, and they were completely full.  They had last been pumped 2 years ago.  So Tom called our septic tank pumping company (Baker Septic Tank Pumping), and they were able to fit us in as an emergency call.  Initially they said it would be in the evening, but then we got a call that he could be here in the afternoon.  Tom was working on trying to clear the obstruction between the toilet and the tank without any luck.  But then when the tank was pumped, the obstruction cleared.

But we needed a new gasket before replacing the toilet.  And Tom was going to replace the “guts” as well.  But when he went shopping, he found a new-for-us toilet that was free (he had credit with Skagit Building Salvage).  I hated our old toilet because the seat was stained, and we couldn’t find a new seat to fit it.  So here is our old toilet on its way out.  It might become a planter.

And here is our new toilet!

It is almost identical but clean.

The unplanned home improvements keep coming.  But at least this one is done.  And we have learned that we need to pump our tanks more frequently than every two years.  We have a small and old system that we need to baby along.  Now I am trying to figure out how to keep the rust stains from forming with our well water.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

PS We are now enjoying Rock House on WEVL, Great Rockabilly music!


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  1. Michelle says:

    ‘Tis the season. Our septic overflowed into our basement bathroom last weekend (UGH), so we had someone come out last Sunday to pump the tank. Had to pay double because it was the weekend (OUCH), but needs must. Our tank was full to overflowing with 95% solids! It required a separate visit to clean out the pipe between the tank and the lateral lines, and water-jetting the pipe between the house and tank and the tank and junction box.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Donna, I’m so sorry you had that messy problem. You and Michelle and Rick, too. I’m so thankful that you were able to get things taken care of! I’m very thankful that I live in town, and have never had that problem. Septic tanks are a big pain. The house where my oldest sister and her husband lived had a septic tank and sometimes when you would walk across the lawn, the ground was squishy and soggy. Yuck!

    • Donna says:

      Tom calls it turd talk. I am hearing all kinds of septic stories now. At least it wasn’t catastrophic. I worry someday we may have to replace the whole system.

  3. With an old house, it never ends!

  4. Denise says:

    so sorry to hear about the septic and toilet issues. what a mess. will have to ask The Man when we last had our system pumped. we’ve got one of those little ancient systems too. I think perhaps we need to have it serviced more often since we’ve both been home a lot more than in pre-covid times.

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