Herring Run Recipes

First thing, I wanted to post this photo of the scene going to work Thursday morning.  It had snowed a little more overnight.

I have recovered mostly from my work shift and was planning on making a meal from the Herring Run Restaurant which used to be in the old Taunton Inn.  I participate monthly in the Taste of Old Colony, and these recipes were featured.  They are posted at their webpage.

I started with the croutons, relatively easy.

Next I ground one of our sirloin steaks.

Then I made a raspberry syrup with our frozen raspberries.

Here is the raspberry syrup strained.

Next I made an Angel Cake using a dozen of our eggs.

Next came the chocolate sauce.

I took a little break at this point and lit my tallow candle.

Then at 5:00 (cocktail hour) I made the Clover Club cocktails.

Then I made the onion rings.

Because I had one of my Lion’s Mane mushrooms ready, I fried it.

As I made the Chopped Sirloin with our parsley and beef.

As here is my dinner.

Then it was time to relax again briefly.  The candle wick had gone out and was not to be relit.  So I experimented with different alternative wicks, settling finally on using birthday candles which worked.

Then came the Angel Cake with Chocolate Sauce dessert.

It was all really good.  I may not make the croutons again as I try not to eat wheat and Tom doesn’t eat salad.  But the Caesar dressing was amazing, better than my usual recipe. So now I have a new got-to dressing.  The ground sirloin was quite flavorful, better than hamburger.  You could taste the sweetness of the onions.  They got a little soggy while they waited in the oven while I made the sirloins.  Next time I will cook them after the meat.  The dessert was yummy.  The cake was lovely and light, and the sauce was deeply chocolatey.  A great combo.

I did find this blog discussing the Taunton Inn and the Herring Run restaurant and its transition to a nursing home.  Kind of sweet that an elderly woman with dementia can still feel like she is there getting Manhattans.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    WOW! What a great meal!! Good job!. I checked out the website, but was disappointed.
    Your first picture is really fascinating! The moon hiding behind the cloud is so pretty!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne! If you were looking for the recipes, you need to click under the “so far this year” banner on the “Dinner from the Herring Run Restaurant” tab to find them. It is confusing. I thought that moon was pretty over the neighbor’s barn. The snow’s all gone now though.

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