The Death of Yet Another Barn Camera

It is a hard life, being a barn camera.  I try to help, keeping it in a padded purse, but inevitably there are exposures to weather, dirt, poop, and physical trauma.  These are the last photos of my most recent camera given to me by my step-dad:

Here are the cows eating hay with Steve in the background.

I decided that flood season was over and emptied the sand in the mud by the barn gate.

And we drilled drainage holes in our old toilet, and I planted strawberries in it.  This is a leap for me because when we moved in here we were laughing at the toilet in the back yard, pretty close to where this toilet is now.  Now I see the utility in an old toilet where I used to just see trash.

Another view.

I have been repurposing old equipment for a while though.  Here is our old seed drill planted with flowers (and weeds I need to tackle).

The old barn camera lens does not open any more.  So it is good bye to this camera that has actually served me fairly well.  I will for now use my old iPhone until it gives up the ghost (which may not be too long as there is a crack in the screen obtained in the barnyard).  Here is the old camera, the photo being taken by its replacement.

You can appreciate the abuse this camera has received.

PS. On this day Tom saw swallows for the first time this year, and I heard doves.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m sorry about your poor old camera! And it costs a fair amount to buy a new one! I always appreciate your pictures.

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