Happy Easter!

We had been planning on traveling to our Boles Aero trailer in the mountains this weekend.  But it was snowing significantly up there so we changes our plans.  I made Hot Cross Buns from my Downton Abbey Cookbook and Heavenly Deviled Eggs.

And we brought them with us and went to see the grandkids hunting for Easter eggs.

Then it was time to check out the prizes in the eggs.

Then the musical instruments and bubble machine came out.

Then we went into the house for a lovely prime rib dinner.  I noticed that the toys I purchased as Christmas presents seemed to be in prime locations.

After eating, the bubble machine went back into action.


Then William rode his bike around.  He is getting much better at it.

The visit ended with some amazing Key Lime Pie that Tom’s daughter Jay made with freshly squeezed juice.  It was so good!  So we had a really nice Easter.  I hope you did too.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    What a fun and beautiful day!! The grandkids are really growing! They’re so cute! I Iike the bubble machine!

    That dinner must have been really yummy! I’ve never had key lime pie.

    Easter was quiet here. Marlys and I went to church. There were lots of visitors and lots of flowers. It was really nice! We rested when we got home, since neither of us slept well the night before. We had our big meal in the evening. Our dear friend Jan came. She just lives down the street.

    If Marlys gets a move on we’ll go to the bakery for a late breakfast. If we still had our Chinese restaurant, we would go there. We always have gone out for our birthday dinners. Today is my birthday. I can’t believe I’m 82! Marlys doesn’t move fast in the morning.

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