What is Considered Exciting to a Rural Gal

The first is that Bow Hill Road is now open!!!!.  It has been closed since 7/12/2021 and opened up again yesterday.  This was due to much needed repairs, but it was so inconvenient.  This is our frequent route to the freeway and our post office.  So for this time we have had to make a 10 mile detour to get our mail. This road originated on an old Indian trail.  It was used by a local Native named Friday (for whom the creek is named).  But it has eroding cliffs above and below it so it was time for a redo.  We are thrilled it is done.  Plus it is much nicer now with shoulders and new asphalt.

And here is the next excitement:

Tom went to the feed store today for feed but found some turkey chicks for us. I had practically given up.  I did not want broad breasted ones as I did not want a repeat of my prior experiences: How To Cook A 40 # turkey and How Not to Cook a 40# turkey.  Plus our butcher has a weight limit otherwise their equipment can break (and we do not want that!).  So I was looking for smaller birds this year, and Tom found them.  They are White Midget Sonoma Valley chicks so they will be smaller.

So I quickly got things ready, and they are now settled in.  I decided I am going to try to raise my own chicks from now on so I plan on keeping a pair for breeding.  I am disgusted by the current mass killing of chickens in the midwest by horrific means.  So I no longer wish to support these businesses.  I had felt justified before as I mostly took reject chicks that would otherwise be euthanized, but I can no longer stomach it.  We shall see how our experiment works.  I have not had success with breeding turkeys in the past.

And the other exciting thing is that Tom is fine, back to his normal self.  Not sure what happened, but there are upcoming appointments and tests to hopefully figure it out.  And the bees appear to be fine as well.

So these are the exciting events around our farm.

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6 Responses to What is Considered Exciting to a Rural Gal

  1. Denise says:

    I was so exited to see this too! really took me by surprise tonight on my way to Burlington. Very fancy with it’s shiny new guardrail and smooth blacktop. Very exciting about the tiny turkeys.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Oh, boy! That new road is wonderful! I’m so happy for you that it’s open again. That was a long time coming.

    Your little turkey chicks are really cute. I hope they all do well!

  3. Jeanne says:

    I meant to say too, that I’m very glad that Tom is doing well, and back to his usual self!!

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