Bees, Chest Pain and Watch

So back in mid January I had ordered a nuc of bees.  I received an email that I could pick them up on Saturday.  As I had a rough night at work I asked if I could pick them up later, and we arranged that I could do it Tuesday at 1:30.  Tom had appointments that morning so I was waiting for him to come home before I went to get the bees.  But he started getting ill at 11:00 with abdominal pain and vomiting.  I thought he might have a stomach bug so I made arrangements for him to see our amazing Family Practice doctor.  I dropped him off there and headed to get the bees.  Here is the bee yard while I waited for them.

Right at this moment our doctor called saying Tom didn’t look good.  He asked if I could bring him to the Emergency Department or should he call an ambulance.  So I picked up the bees and went to the clinic and brought him to the hospital with the bees and beagle in tow.  We are having yet another surge in our hospital so the ED was packed.  He spend 2+ hours in the waiting room vomiting and not looking good.  In this time they repeated his EKG and drew labs, but I was worrying.  After 4 hours in the truck I decided I should bring the beagle home and move the bees.  So I ran home very quickly to do just that.  I rapidly moved the bees into their new hive, put Ryeleigh in the house and grabbed some food for the road.  Tom had seen the doctor (one that I know and respect) by the time I got back, and he was worried as well.  They tried different medications and ran more tests, trying to determine if it was cardiac or not.  His pain had shifted to his chest, and he was having troubles breathing as well as dizzy.  He did not get better although his tests were OK so it was decided that he should stay that night and get more tests in the morning. There were no beds in the hospital so he stay in the ED for the night.  And I headed home alone.  I checked on the bees and could hear activity in the hive.  Here’s the beagle and I going to bed. She is clearly concerned about the lack of Tom.  I was too.

This morning I got up early to get the chores done. And it was frosty.  The water hoses were frozen as well.  It was pretty but frustrating.  I could hear nor see any activity in the hive, so I was worried about our bees.

Ryeleigh had a follow up appointment on her eye at 8:00 so I did that and then went to the hospital to check on Tom.  His cardiac stress test was supposed to start at 10, but they got to him early. So he was occupied when I got there.  He had texted that he was feeling better just tired from no sleep due to the monitors beeping all night and no pillow.  It was going to be 2 hours so I went home again.  I checked on the bees, and there as no activity again.  Back to the hospital with the beagle.  Tom was feeling much better, but he was tired and hungry. He hadn’t eaten in over 1 1/2 days.  We were waiting for his results.  The ED was swamped, and he shared a room with two other people.  He was finally fed, and we got the results which were normal! He was sent home with ongoing testing to be done by our regular doctor.

When we got home I checked on the bees.  They were flying round and acting like normal honeybees.  Tom said he even saw orange pollen on their legs!

Today was my weekly cocktail with a book and a bath.  I made a Coconut Cream and Lime Margarita.  It was delicious, and the timing was perfect.

But in this timeframe my beloved Swiss Army watch died.  This has been one tough watch.  The barnyard is tough on watches (as well as cameras) but this one did really well.  But the seal has failed twice now, destroying the battery each time.  So it is time to move on.  Goodbye tough watch!

Now we are all relaxing and appreciating each other.  Ryeleigh appears to be worn out by the experiences.

I think will all sleep well tonight.

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10 Responses to Bees, Chest Pain and Watch

  1. Jeanne says:

    Whew! You really had a scare! I’m so sorry! But happy that Tom is home and feeling better. I hope and pray that your doctor will be able to discover what is going on

    I’m glad your bees are doing well now! I hope they’ll continue to do that!

    Regarding your watch – if it was mine, I’d get it repaired again. But it’s your choice. Let me know what you decide.

    • Donna says:

      It was so scary. Glad it is over. There will definitely be follow up but we do have a great doctor to help sort it all out. I had just had the watch fixed a couple of months ago but the seal failed again. It is impossible to keep moisture away from a farm watch. So I think it is time to retire it and try to find an equally tough one.

  2. What a rough few days and it just shows what a tough lady you are especially in a crisis and that was definitely a crisis. Prayers for Tom and you and I’m sure Ryeleigh will keep a close watch on you and the farm. Keep up the great work girl, you got this!!!

  3. What a wild ride for ALL of you! Glad things appear to be okay, but I’m sure you’ll be keeping a close eye on Tom.

  4. Elizabeth Martin says:

    Finally reading this, it scared me too knowing how much you rely on each other, please feel better soon🤞🤞🤞💚

  5. Denise says:

    So glad to hear that Tom is feeling better. With the abdominal/chest pain and vomiting, wondering if gall bladder might be involved?

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