Vintage Motorcycle Expo

Tom and his son participated in this Show and Swap today in Lynden.  Here they are with their goods.  They both did well.

Here are some of the really cool motorcycles I saw there:

It was nice to take a little break and see vintage bikes.

In other news, the bees are doing well and bringing lots of pollen back to the hive.  This means they are pollinating our orchard.

And finally, I made Ballotine of pheasant for dinner tonight.  I had found a pheasant in our freezer, leftover from my Christmas cooking adventures. And we had some of our thawed sausage in the fridge that needs to be eaten.  So this recipe fit the bill.  And it was really good.  I did not removed the bones as well as I was supposed to.  So it didn’t slice.  But it was tasty.

Also, I am using my digital record player to record albums that Tom had been purchasing at local thrift shops.  This has been fun listening to these old songs.

And the Mariners are winning yet another game,  Go M’s!!!!

So that was our day.  A good one, I would say.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh, boy! Is that ever a lot of motorcycles!! It must have been fun to see them all!
    I’m glad Tom and his son did well with their wares.

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