Growing Up

I was actually able to plant my pathetic tomato starts in the hothouse.  They are still small but at least growing still.

I heard a turkey gobble for the first time the other day.

Unfortunately I could not capture it on video. But it appears we have three males and one female White Midget turkeys.  This is not good news for peace on the farm.

I notice that the dogwood in our front yard is blooming and looking quite pretty.

The pigs continue to grow.  I noticed that Starsky’s tail curls to the right and Hutch’s curls to the left.

I have been watching the Mariners, including the brawl with the Angels.  It was clearly pre-planned by the Angels.  It is a shame that these professional baseball can behave so poorly especially in front of young fans.

Summer weather has arrived with a vengeance.  It is limiting what I can do in the afternoons and evenings.

With the warm weather, I was able to wash another fleece.  This is Wendel’s fleece from 2018.  I have been long contemplating what to do with this gorgeous fleece.  As he gets older, his fleeces are not as nice.  I finally decided that I will spin it and make a long cardigan using the neck fibers toward the top, the trunk fibers in the middle and the britch fibers toward the bottom.  So the first step was washing the fleece.

The grass continues to grow like crazy.  You can barely see the sheep.

Rory continues to develop. He is getting feisty.

The grass in our back forty is insanely tall. It is more than twice as tall as our cows!


Our beagle continues to mature. We have noticed that she has stopped chewing up our clothing and rugs.  For some reason, the only animals we have that she is upset about is the peafowl.  I am not sure why, but she continues to howl at them.

The roses are blooming.  I noticed a bee pollinating one of them.

Our first Peace Rose bloom of the season.  How gorgeous!

These birds showed up while I was mowing one of our fields.  Unfortunately the photos are not great.  But I am not sure that I have seen these birds here before.

The garden is sure growing, finally.  The peas are blooming, but also have pods that are almost ready to pick.    I am letting some of the radishes go to seed.  I also planted some flax seeds from Sweden in my garden this year.  The blooms of these plants are quite pretty together.

So these are the plants and animals that are growing up on our farm, while the humans do not seem to be.

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6 Responses to Growing Up

  1. Michelle says:

    Your cardigan plan is a very clever way to use a fleece that varies quite a bit in softness! It is really hard to read and see how everyone’s gardens are growing when I don’t have one this year; I may show up on people’s doorsteps for fresh produce!

    • Donna says:

      I am glad you like my cardigan plan. I hope to separate the fleece into three parts and spin them separately. We shall see someday. You are welcome to show up here for produce but I don’t think the gas costs will justify it.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I enjoyed your blog post today. The critters are so cute. I never gave a thought to which way a pig’s tail would curl. Have you ever noticed that dogs and maybe cats too, are usually left-pawed? Most of the dogs we’ve had always showed that tendency. And our cat, Chica, is left-pawed, too. She loves to come along into the bathroom, and she will sit there looking at you, and “talking” and then she’ll reach out with her left paw in order to tap you on the leg! Making sure we know what she is wanting. If you pet her, she’s satisfied.

    I’m anxious to see that fleece, as you work with it. It’s really beautiful. I like your idea for it.

    • Donna says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the post Jeanne. I never paid attention to shipway the tails curled before. And I never noticed pets being left-pawed. I guess I am not very observant. It is going to be a long time before Wendel’s fleece becomes anything. I have quite a few projects ahead of his.

  3. Denise says:

    Wendel’s fleece looks great- and I love your plan for the cardigan. the birds on the fence strike me as possibly goldfinches? but hard to tell for sure. I’ve never seen that many together at once at our place.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks about Wendel’s fleece. I move it to a large table to separate the different fleece types and am still in love with it, maybe more so. Hopefully this will turn out. I would hate to mess up a fleece I have so much affection for.
      I thought they might be goldfinches but haven’t seen them flock like this before so wasn’t sure.

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