Sheep Shearing and Funky Food from the 1950s!

I finished shearing the last of our sheep today.  This is Hazelnut.  I wanted to get the sheep sheared before the hot weather predicted this weekend.  But my disabling symptoms from Covid-19 slowed me down.  But I got it done despite my ongoing fatigue and weakness.  So I am proud of me pushing through and getting it done.  Although Hazelnut doesn’t appreciate it, he will this weekend.

The original turkeys like to roost on this log for some reason.

I continue to be fascinated by our chicks growing up.

As I have previously mentioned I participate in a monthly historical cooking zoom called A Taste of Old Colony History.  This month was Funky Food from the 1950s!  The first recipe I tried was the Perfection Salad.  I do not have a jello mold and didn’t feel like purchasing one so I used a bundt cake pan I have.  I sprayed it with olive oil.  Here is the gelatin mix going into the pan to be refrigerated.

And here it is unmolded.  I had taken a slice out to taste test for the zoom.   I liked it.  It is like coleslaw in jello.  But the museum’s staff did not like it.

Then I made the Franko Snacks.  I first had to assemble the ingredients.  I have never bought Velvetta before and hadn’t realized it is on the shelf, in the cracker aisle!

Here is it all cooked up.  I did 1/3 with peanuts, 1/3 with oregano and 1/3 with garlic salt.

It was good.  I really couldn’t appreciate much difference between the flavors, but it was fun to eat.  I learned that if you freeze the velvetta first, it is easier to shred.  It ended up being blobs for me.  The corn muffin mix I bought was pretty sweet so I might choose one less sweet one next time.  Here is the video of her making the recipes (at the end are more of the humorous salad reactions).  So this was our funky dinner tonight on the back porch which was fun.  (Tom wouldn’t try the salad, of course.)

During the zoom, she also made a Sea Breeze cocktail.  I believe she said 6 tablespoons each of cranberry and grapefruit juices and 1.5 ounces of vodka so that is what I did.  This recipe has different ratios, which I might try.  I did not have grapefruit juice so used fresh squeezed orange juice instead.  It was tasty.


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2 Responses to Sheep Shearing and Funky Food from the 1950s!

  1. Denise says:

    the Perfection Salad reminds me of something that we were served at girl scout sleep-away camp. Carrots and celery in jello. Crazy stuff!

    • Donna says:

      It sounds very similar, except this one had the cabbage. I actually like it. It is coleslaw with a jello mold. My Mom apparently made it in the 1960’s. I guess it was a popular thing.

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