Garden Produce for the Animals

Increasingly I am using our garden’s produce to feed the animals.  We had tried to sell produce at farmers markets and in our farm stand with very limited success.  Eggs are the only thing that sells well in our stand.  So I have been using the vegetables that grow well here (squash and root vegetables) to supplement their diets.  Here are the pigs eating pumpkin, and they had been nibbling on the beet greens.

The chickens are enjoying a beet and pumpkin.

The sheep are enjoying a pumpkin.

This is what is left of a sunflower that Jaylene brought over on Sunday.

In other farm news, our older peacock is down to only 2 feathers and looking a little silly.

I started retting the flax.

The white turkeys continue to impress.

As does Rory.

I also noticed the vultures circling today.  I was worried that Jewel’s grave had been disrupted, but it hadn’t.

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4 Responses to Garden Produce for the Animals

  1. Denise says:

    nice that the critters can enjoy the extra produce. I’m sure they enjoy the variety! Will be following your flax processing with great interest-

    • Donna says:

      I meant to include a photo of a ginormous beet I fed to the critters but it didn’t turn out. So far on the flax the swimming pool was partially empty the next day. Not sure if it leaked or the donkeys stepped on the rim. If this happens again I will have to switch to dew retting.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I’m glad your critters can enjoy the produce. It must be fun seeing them munching on it!
    That’s too bad the pool didn’t hold water. How did it do after you refilled it? I s’pose if it has a leak, you might be able to pick one up on an end of summer sale…or maybe at a second hand store.
    The white turkeys are really getting big!

    • Donna says:

      It is fun seeing them eat it. Must be nice to have more variety. I don’t know how the pool did as I am away with work stuff. Hopefully it will hold water. It used to. For midget turkeys they sure are big!

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