Farm, Historic Cooking and Grandkids

As for farming, the tragedies are over, for the moment.   These are the hayloft chicks that I had moved out of the pen the other day.  They seem to be doing OK.

This is the peahen who lost her chick.  She also seems to be doing OK.

I was able to scratch Starsky’s back today, which is a first for these pigs.  No luck with Hutch, but I did admire the coppery red sheen from his back.

I also took a moment to appreciate the farm buildings we have here with the green trees

And in the evenings we all relax on the couch.

I continue to participate in A Taste of Old Colony History zooms once each month. This month was Poor Man’s Cake.

For some reason, I did not have high expectations for this cake.

But it is surprisingly good.  It tastes like carrot cake without any carrots.  The frosting isn’t as creamy as cream cheese frosting, but it is still yummy.

I also found out that out that one of our December recipes should be started early.  It is Aged Egg Nog.

So I got this going as well.  I have never aged nog before so this is fascinating to me.

Today the grandkids came for a visit.

Piper was pretty tired so spent quite a bit of time on this chair.  She was able to collect quite a few peacock feathers as well though.

William mostly rode around on his quad.  But there was also a Seahawks game in the afternoon so we watched that as well.

The grand-dogs Sammy and Bell visited as well.

William got the Seahawks light going, but it didn’t seem to help them much.

Ryeleigh was initially excited by the dog visitors but then got jealous of the attention they were getting.  So she was in a little bit of a huff most of the afternoon.

It was a very nice visit.

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2 Responses to Farm, Historic Cooking and Grandkids

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m glad you had such a nice day with the grandkids! They are two of the cutest little kids! Looks like they had a good time, too.

    The Poor Man’s Cake sounds delicious! I must say that the Aged Egg Nog sounds like quite a recipe! My dad used to make egg nog, but he didn’t put much whiskey in it. I grew up loving it, though I’m not sure I had the whiskey!

    • Donna says:

      We did have a great day an hopefully they did too. The Poor Man’s cake is too good as I keep eating it! I wonder if eggnog used to be always aged. It makes sense as a way to preserve milk and eggs for the holidays. My grandfather made great eggnog but ours was without the bourbon.

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