A Spinning Accomplishment

Today I finished spinning my Mioget Katmoget Shetland roving.  I had sent 4 fleeces from Ewegenie and Jemima to Z-wool to be processed into roving in 2016.  I sent in 8# and received 5# back.  Here it is then.

I sold some but not sure how much.  Here is what I still had in 2019.

I have been participating in It’s Spinning Time zoom weekly spinning when I can.  And I have been plugging away at spinning this roving with my Jocko wheel.  And I slowly decreased the amount of roving in my ginormous bag of roving.  I kept thinking I would finish, but I never did.  But today this is how much roving was left in that bag.

And here are the very last of it being spun!

I thought I had spun a lot more than I actually did.  Roving looks a lot bigger than single ply.  So here is the fruits of my labors.

While I was spinning this I was dreaming of making this sweater which I fell in love with at the Sunbanks Blues Fest last year.

For those of you on Ravelry, I had queued up patterns:  Vivian by Ysolda Teague, Cabled Cardigan by Vladimir Teriokhin and Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky.  Dorothy suggested Faery Ring by Mary Scott Huff.  I have found some more today (Theresa Mary cardigan, Windsor, Arnette, Ordinary Time, Cables and Lace Hoodie, Dubline Cardigan, and Zingiber).   And I had forgot I had Mariah and The Shepherd Hoody in my queue of 678 patterns.  But now I am not sure if I have enough yarn to make any of these.  I weighed an empty bobbin at 5.5 ounces so I may only have 30 ounces of spun wool.  I must have sold more than I thought.  In case I do not have enough for a sweater, I do have this cool pattern from my Woodland Knits book.

So my question to the spinners and knitters in the audience, how should I ply these singles?  Two, three or four ply?  The various patterns call for anything between Aran and  Bulky weight yarn.  The more I ply it, the less yardage I will get, but 2 ply may not make a good sweater yarn.  So maybe 3 ply and hope for the best?  Or would I do 4 ply aiming for a bulky yarn for my two favorite patterns.  Please give me some advice.

In other news, it is looking more like autumn around here although the weather does not.

And two eagles returned yesterday.  Hard to see, but they are in this cottonwood tree on the back of our property.  We were hoping they would be distracted by salmon runs a little longer and spare our chickens.

Speaking of chickens, I have to report that the beat up hay loft chicken died.  I got hopeful and attached as I hand fed it for days.  But fly strike killed it.  I feel so incredibly stupid for not taking measures to prevent that.  Farming is very humbling.

In other sad news, the Mariners lost the second game of the ALDS.  But now they are heading home, which will be nice for the long-suffering fans (like us).

In even more sad news, my KitchenAid® stand mixer died last night.  I did just find this video on how to fix it, hopefully.


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8 Responses to A Spinning Accomplishment

  1. Denise says:

    congrats on getting the roving spun! will be nice to turn it in to a cozy sweater or wrap for the winter. As far as the ply goes, I would do a small sample of both 2 and 3 ply, and see how they knit up before committing to a plan for the whole batch. That way you can see what kind of gauge you’re going to get, and how it compares to any of the patterns you’re considering. So sorry about the chick. At least there is hope for the mixer!

  2. Jody Nickson says:

    Hi Donna, a cabled yarn is also very nice. Divide your finished 2 ply yarn onto two bobbins and then ply them together to get a 4 ply cabled yarn.

  3. thecrazysheeplady says:

    What about a vest?

  4. Jeanne says:

    Your yarn is lovely! I hope you can come up with something beautiful to use it for. I’ll show this to my daughter, since she may have some good ideas to help you. Good luck!

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