Farm Scenes and Date Night

On Friday morning I noticed all of the turkeys together for the first time.  I believe we have 4 Toms and 3 Jennies.

I also noticed Rory having problems eating an apple.

I never realized that cows could have troubles eating intact fruit.  So I cut it up for him.

Here is a view I do not usually share.  It is the garden, the back yard and the back of the house.  It look like a farm to me.

Friday evening was a date night of sorts.  I knew that Captain Cod would be on Samish Island that day.  So we drove out there and found them.

Then we found a park for a sunset dinner.

It was pretty impressive, the view and the dinner.

Back to the farm yesterday, I have determined that Starsky likes to be petted and Hutch does not.  It’s funny how different animals can be.

I noticed how pretty the hay loft roosters look in the sunshine.

And the younger peacock is getting some interesting colors in his feathers.  I wish I could have taken the photo in the sunshine, but he wouldn’t cooperate.

This morning the sunrise continues to be spooky.  It was even spookier with the two eagles in the dead tree.

The weather is so weird.  It was 80 degrees here yesterday, and today the water hose was blocked by ice.  Here is the ice I was able to get out of it.  Isn’t this really strange?

Today the turkeys were showing off for Jackie and Jonathan who were visiting for a farm tour.  Glad they performed well for the guests.

So that’s what’s going on at Schoonover Farm.

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4 Responses to Farm Scenes and Date Night

  1. Denise says:

    that is really weird about the ice in the hose. it hasn’t been near freezing here yet at night-

  2. Jeanne says:

    That really is odd! Such a big drop in temperature has to be rare! Our lowest temperature was about 41 degrees, but the daytime temp was nowhere near 80! The pictures of the eagles in the dead tree are very interesting – especially with the red sun! The first of the two is the best.
    I like the picture of your back yard!
    Strange that Hutch doesn’t enjoy being petted.

    • Donna says:

      It is rare around here. In a desert it is more common but our temperatures are supposed to be moderated in the PNW. The first photo I liked better too, more spooky. The backyard feels like a farm. But it also reminded me of my great grandmother’s backyard in Minnesota except she lived in town. She had a lovely garden though. I wonder if it is personality with the pigs or who is itchier.

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